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Our '55 Community... 

More luncheons held

...and more are on the way.  Boynton Beach, Florida's Banana Boat Restaurant was the scene of this area's most recent lunch.  Attending were Ron Ganeles, Dr. Ted Hymowitz, Gerri Katz, Bill Doerler, Leslie and Mrs Plump, Carol Lewis, Charlotte Picot, Fran Rubenstein and Joe and Mrs. Berlinger.  One new attendee was  Joe Berlinger.  This was his first Cornell activity since he left Cornell and he said it won't be the last. Joe and all who attended are looking forward to the next event.  If you want to add your name to the list, call Ron Ganeles, 561-542-0556 or email him at rganel@aol.com.

California had its first luncheon at the Sun City Lincoln Meridian's Dining Room in early February -- and they are planning another one for April.  Shown in the picture at the left are Hans (Wolfi) Duerr, his wife Jeanne, Ned Worthington '56 and his wife Carol '57, Carol "Ritt" Byron, and Bill Laube and his friend Jan Scura.  Contact Ritt , whose email address is below, if you'd like to join them in April.

Why not plan a luncheon for your nearby classmates?  It doesn't have to be fancy -- three or four people are a great start -- it's easy to do and other classes can be included, as happened in California.  If you're interested in doing one, and it doesn't have to be in either Florida or California, contact Bill Doerler, VP, wdoerler1@aol.com or  Bill Laube, billlaube1@yahoo.com.

Classmate News & Views

Don Greenberg ’55, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Graphics and Director of Cornell’s Program of Computer Graphics, was honored at a San Francisco luncheon by nearly 200 alumni and colleagues on April 12.  It was a celebration of his enormous contribution to his students and to his field at his retirement.   Read the complete article in Cornell ChronicleHis accomplishments in his and associated fields are amazing.

News of other '55 classmates, who have an amazing array of talents, skills, and experience, is available HERE.   This page presents news about, or views of, classmates in either video or audio formats. Click  to take a look - and contact us to add yours!!



Anne Morrissy Merick

Although we are sad to report the death of Anne Morrissy Merick a few weeks ago, we are fortunate that her obituary was shared with us.  Starting with being the first female sports reporter in the Yale Press Box – as shown in the picture at left -- after graduation Anne went off to report on the Viet Nam War and more, changing history for female reporters wherever she went.  We have a link below to her obituary.  Be sure to notice the men in the larger press box picture that’s included with the obituary.

Read her full story by clicking HERE.  It’s well worth it.


Tired of MSNBC?  Try the Co-ed's Creed !       

This wonderful booklet that all freshmen women received many years ago, has been scanned and is now available for you to read.  And it IS a great read.  The first sentence begins with: "On the first day that you come to Cornell you will take up residence in a new home-here you will meet some of your first Cornellians, many of whom will be your lifelong friends."  

There's fun advice about dorm life, VPs, dating, house party, and much, much more.  We thank Barbara Ramsey Adsit for taking such good care of this piece of history and sharing it with us.  Click HERE and enjoy the memories!


More news and anecdotes needed!!

Having a get together to celebrate a holiday or a Cornell event.  Let us know!  We'll be happy to post an invitation as well as report on the event, adding any pictures that you might have taken of the activities.

Our anecdote project needs more memories.  Judging from the conversations at reunion, there are plenty to share.  Please take a few moments and jot down your particular remembrance of what Cornell meant to you during your undergraduate years. As an example, a few anecdotes have been published on the Get Involved tab so that you can see that it isn't a very time consuming task.


In Memorium...

(Last update 05/15/17)

Following is a list of classmates who have been reported to the university in the current year as having passed away.  The university relies on notices from families or friends, which is why sometimes dates from prior years are shown.  Lists are received by us monthly and are usually a month or two behind the current date.

The university has a list of all alumni who have passed available by clicking HERE.   This takes you to the CACO page.  Scroll down to find the list.  Once again, this list is not up to date but is kept as current as possible.

Bald, Konrad H..   01/01/2017  BS ILR  Cusack, Peter 12/20/16 BS ILR Trever, Elizabeth      11/23/16      BS Nursing