Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1953

See You Around The Quad?


Poem by Ann Gleason Sequerth 'LII

I'm an old lady up from the /south.
My biggest problem - I can't shut my mouth.
From the first ivory ding to the last ebony dong
I just feel compelled to burst into song.
I love Foulkes music and Louis' sweet horn
I want to add my voice so old and forlorn.
Add red shirted old folks with smiles on their faces
And you can add Mews to my favorite places.
Thanks for the fun and the pushes on buses.
Thanks for the respite from political fusses,
Good old Big Brown - maybe his day is past?
Took my spot in most races and finishes dead last.
All that good food and sweet conversation
And who can forget Gerry's lethal libation?
We're kind of exhausted and probably not well
But it was all worth it for love of CORNELL.
offered by Ann Gleason Sequerth 'LII