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Greetings and Welcome!

On this page is current information about the class and a list of class officers.


Class and Classmates' Activities 

Our class notes from the Cornell Alumni Magazine (CAM) are compiled on a separate set of pages. We now have over 10 years worth and they can be searched for names or events using Ctrl/F. The link to these pages is in "Class Notes" in the next column.
"People in the News" is below.  Click on any of the names to link to full information on separate pages.
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 People in the News

Classmates lead busy and productive lives and are recognized from time to time for their present or past activities. Share the accomplishments of some of our classmates.  Add yours, by emailing the webmaster and we'll post them. 

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 Jim and Joan Symons are sharing their travels with us.  See the link to their website on this page: “Travel in Comfort with the Symons”.   To see how it all began, click on their names above.



Dana Dalrymple receives the Outstanding Alumni Award from CALS in recognition of a four-decades career with USAID and USDA.

Mariani family receives the 2014 "Icon of the Industry" award given by the Hotel School.

Ken and Su Hershey are shown in Minns Garden for which they established an endowment fund in 1996.

Patricia DeCoursey ...funded much needed stairs between the arboretum and the test garden.

Ed Fessenden  (d. 1/24/14)..recognized for CALS alumni activities.

Robert Lynk ’54






Major gift from the Class of 1954 alumni couple will create the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute.














Class Notes

Current class notes as well as notes from previous months and years, are on a separate page. We now have notes going back to 2010 - over five years!  Since the page is in PDF format, use "Ctrl/F" to find people, dates, whatever. Use the left arrow to return to this page.

To see our class notes, click -HERE-


If you have missed any world history sites or bucket list locations in your personal travel experiences, do not despair. Jim and Joan Symons have probably been there. They have traveled the world and have an extensive photographic record of what they have seen and experienced as shown in the samples below. We now have a link to their website which is organized by location so you can easily find where you have been or want to “go”. 

Jim has also provided a brief bio which is in “People in the News” on this page. 

His email is dr.water@alum.mit.edu so you can share your personal travel experiences or talk about cameras or photography with him.  Jim’s interest in photography began in high school.  So, if this describes you as well, you’ll enjoy chatting with him.

To start your travels, click HERE.

 In Memorium

(Last update 05/15/17)

Below are listed classmates who are no longer with us.  The full list is available from the university.  Both lists depend on notifications received from family and friends which is why you will see dates from previous years from time to time.  Lists are received monthly (more or less) and are usually a month or two behind.  

To see the full list from the university, click HERE.   This takes you to the CACO page.  Scroll down to find the list.

Albert, David                           02/09/17       AB Arts&Sci
Chopay, Edward F.                 12/02/16          BS CALS