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1. Dedication of Portrait of Classmate Steve Weiss
2. Classmate Honored with Frank H. T. Rhodes Awards
3. Jack McCormick's Personal Legacy
4. Class of 1957 Connects with the Class of 2007
5. 45th Reunion Project: Creation of the Class of 1957 - Kinkeldey Room

Dedication of Portrait of Classmate Steve Weiss on 12 September 2010

Following on an initiative approved by the class officers at their annual meeting in February of 2008, a portrait of our late classmate and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Emeritus Steve Weiss was unveiled in the Class of 1957 - Kinkeldey Room.?

Present for this memorable ceremony were Steve's wife Suzanne and a broad array of Cornell's leadership, past and present.? On hand were the past and present Chairmen of the Board of Trustees, Harold Tanner and Peter Meinig, past and present University Presidents Dale Corson, Frank H. T. Rhodes, Hunter Rawlings and David Skorton and an array of Trustees and Presidential Councilors, as well as some 19 members of the Class of 1957. Scroll down for a photographic summary of the event!

Presidents Emeritus Frank Rhodes & Dale Corson, and President David Skorton

Class President Dori Albert Welcoming Guests

President Emeritus Frank Rhodes, describing Steve's enormous contributions to Cornell and to the Weill Cornell Medical Center

Steve's wife Suzanne & President Emeritus Frank Rhodes Unveil the Portrait

Suzanne warmly thanking Frank Rhodes

Suzanne Thanking the Class of '57 and Guests

Suzanne Describing Her First Visit to Cornell at our 25th Reunion,
adding that "today I feel like I've Come Home"

President Emeritus Hunter Rawlings in Conversation with Barbara Friedman

President David Skorton's wife Robin Davisson & Suzanne admire the Portrait

Steve's Portrait - a giclee copy on canvas of the original that hangs in the Board Room at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center where he also served as President of the Board of Overseers

Below, the Plaque Accompanying the Portrait

Classmate & Trustee Emeritus Bob Staley on right, Kevin McGovern ('70) on left 

Trustee Emeritus and Classmate Paul Tregurtha and Suzanne Weiss

Trustee Emeritus & Classmate Jim Broadhead

List of Attendees, Page 1

List of Attendees, Page 2


Click Here For a Tour of the Historic Class of 1957 - Kinkeldey Room

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Classmates Honored with Frank H. T. Rhodes Awards

On Friday evening, 16 October 2009, two long-serving and loyal classmates, the late Steve Laden and Sue DeRosay Henninger (and husband Joe '56), were among a select group of alumni presented with Frank H.T. Rhodes Exemplary Alumni Service Awards. On hand to accept the award for Steve Laden was his wife Lee, accompanied by their son Scott and two grand daughters.

Steve's award had been presented to him a few months ago, before his untimely passing, accompanied by personal letters from Cornell President David Skorton and President Emeritus Frank Rhodes.

Congratulations to Sue and Steve (and of course to Joe too!)
(Scroll down to see the large contingent of classmates who attended the Award Dinner)

The Rhodes Award is bestowed in recognition of extraordinary service to Cornell University, in both length and quality of contribution by the individual, through activities within the broad spectrum of Cornell's various alumni organizations, associations, and related groups. Such service may be reflected in the leadership roles that the individual has assumed of Cornell's alumni organizations and activities, or through the unique contributions made by the individual as a part of his/her alumni service on behalf of Cornell.

On the left, Sue and Joe Henninger receiving their awards from the President of the Cornell Alumni Association and, on the right, shown with the award - a Steuben glass cube engraved with the Cornell seal that appears on all four facets of the trophy when viewed from above, though engraved in only one spot!

President Emeritus Frank Rhodes and Sue DeRosay Henninger at the Awards Dinner at the Statler on Friday, 16 October 2009 The Class of '57 broke all records for the number of classmates who journeyed to Ithaca to applaud and support our Rhodes Award winners. Here's a photo of those classmates who were on hand for this marvelous occasion. Names below the photo.

Back Row, L to R: Connie Santagato Hosterman, Nancy Krauthamer Goldberg, Bob Armstrong, Marj Nelson Smart, Sandy Armstrong, Dick Lacy, Judy Richter Levy, Charlie Parker, Ed Vant, Tony Cashen, and Vanne Shelley Cowie (both Tony and Vanne, and our late Chairman of the Board of Trustees Emeritus Steve Weiss, are earlier recipients of the Rhodes Award).

Front Row, L to R: Marcia Wisengrad Metzger, Bobbie Haglund Schlerf, Class President Dori Goudsmit Albert, Sue DeRosay Henninger, Marti Ballard Lacy, Linda Wellman Stansfield, Adelaide Russell Vant, and Bob Watts.

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Jack McCormick's Personal Legacy

In his will, Jack left a bequest to modernize the Moakley House Grill at Cornell's Golf Course

Entry Door to The McCormick Grill at Moakley House

Jack's Portrait - His Eternal Smile

Jack's Portrait On The Grill Wall

The McCormick Grill
Jack's Portrait can be seen on the wall on the right

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Cornell University Class of '57 Connects with the Class of 2007
Dateline: 7 Feb 2009 - Philadelphia, Annual Meeting of Class Officers

Class President Dori Albert Presenting a $10,000 Gift to Class of 2007 Co-Presidents Eddie Gumbs and Kara Tappen

This "Pay It Forward" Gift by our class to the Class of 2007 was an initiative approved unanimously by class officers at their Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in February 2008. This gift is intended to provide a boost to the Class of '07's reunion efforts and other initiatives so essential to a healthy and vibrant class alumni organization. In addition, our class officers also offered to provide "mentoring support" to their alumni efforts at any time. We asked that they do the same in 50 years for the Class of 2057! 

Below is a gracious Thank You Note from the Class of '07:

Dear Dori,

It was so great to meet you and your fellow class officers at CACO last month. Eddy and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to your council. Your generosity will make it possible for our class to re-connect with each other and foster new friendships. During these hard times, I think it is even more important for our class to remain connected to Cornell and your gift will help us make sure that happens. We have included a note about the gift on our website and posted the pictures of our two classes at CACO. I would appreciate it if you could share our website with the other '57 council members:

Click here to go to Class of '07 Web Site

Once again, we thank you wholeheartedly for your class's generous contribution to us and we hope to keep our two classes in touch.

Best Regards,

Kara Tappen and Eddy Gumbs
Co-Presidents, Class of 2007

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"Class of '57 - Kinkeldey Room"

Dedicated on Saturday, 30 October 2004

See Photos Below

West Wall with Dedication Inscription

East Wall - Window looks out over the Reading Room
Steve Weiss's Portrait now hangs to the right of the window

Architect's Rendering of Completed Project

View from Class of '57/Kinkeldey Room overlooking Cayuga Lake

Images of the Class of '57/Kinkeldey Room (Before Renovation)

Former East Wall, Showing Dropped Ceiling

Northeast Wall, Former Configuration

South Wall, Former Configuration

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