Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1960




Click here to download a PDF file with Class Officer names and email addresses, as of February 2012.

Our fifty-fifth reunion: June 4-7, 2015

Sue Phelps Day says from all the e-mails of appreciation she has received it sounds like our 55th was loved by all! A little bit of everything for all to enjoy. Sue says it was a joy to see everyone having a good time and she is honored to serve. And so many asked for the recipe for the Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms served at our dinner Thursday night that she prevailed upon Bill Flanagan to get it from our Chef. You can download it here as a PDF.

Our clerks were fantastic and took care of us well. Don Milsten warned them that they were going to have to take care of their “grandparents” and that they did! They met returnees and unloaded their cars and brought their luggage to their rooms. They were then available on Sunday as well to do it in reverse.

We enjoyed specially selected wines from Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards that were donated by Jim Hazlitt ’60 as we arrived on Thursday and at our dinners. Our Hotelies, Bill Flanagan, Bill Fisher, Jack Keefe and Jan Van Heiningen did a superb job with our food and wine selections. Dinners were held in the Cook dining room, the Atrium of the Physical Science with spectacular views from the top floor and the Hu. Ec. Commons with an outdoor patio for the reception. We had lunch at the Cornell Dairy Store complete with the sesquicentennial flavor “Sweet Cornell” – a delicate sweet corn ice cream swirled with a savory salted caramel ice cream. Most popular was having Cornell Dairy ice cream available 24/7 at Cook.

Gail Jackson transformed the Dining Room/Gathering room with potted annual plants. Your Class Council worked as a team as our Reunion Committee to produce all our memorable happenings. Corey Earl spoke to us Thursday night highlighting Cornell history around our time with photos. On Saturday, Dave Simpson '60 (Associate Editor of the Cornell Sun in our day) chaired a panel consisting of Linda Jarschauer Johnson, David’s son Gideon ('03), and two of our class clerks.

The panel compared life in the 50’s (In loco parentis) with student life today. Linda Jarschauer Johnson had saved a letter she had written to her parents about that happening. Kenn Gartner ’60 treated us to an amazing piano concert in Barnes Hall as he did five years ago. On the big screen in Bailey Hall we were in awe of the film http://150.cornell.edu/glorioustoview that was shown before Pres. Skorton gave his State of the University report. The Class mailed Gail Taylor Hodges the new book on Cornell History by Glenn Altschuler and Isaac Kramnick as a thank you for all the work she did to produce our latest directory. If you did not receive a copy in early May, please let Sue know so that another copy can be sent. Also please send to Sue any changes/additions/corrections for an addendum which we will send to you.

At Cornelliana night our class stats were reported. With the fiscal June 30th deadline still approaching our class raised almost $65 million—40% of the overall grand dollars from all 2015 reunion classes from 449 donors and 80 Tower Club members. This amaziong total was due to the efforts of Carl Johnson and his team of Roland Philip, Dave Wechsler, Jim Carter and Sue. And we were one of the top classes with 524 dues payers. We continue to be the Super Class that Frank Rhodes dubbed us at our 25th!

By a unanimous vote the Class Council re-elected. President: Sue Phelps Day, Vice Presidents: Gale Jackson, Carl Johnson, Bill Flanagan, Class Historian: Gail Taylor Hodges, Webmaster: Carrie Warnow Makover, Alumni News Correspondent: Judy Bryant Wittenberg, Nominating Chair: Ginny Seipt, At Large: Jack Keefe, Ellie and Alan Garfinkel, Phyllis Pugatch Schecter, Bill Fisher, Jim Carter and Don Milsten. Susan Cowan Jakubiak is our incoming treasurer, replacing Jan Petro Billings (thank you Jan for your service.)

Our fiftieth reunion: June 10-13, 2010

It happened, and it was terrific.

For three days, or a bit longer, the Class of 1960 celebrated all that is wonderful about Cornell...the people and the place. We had 515 attending, (320 classmates plus spouses and guests and children/grandchildren)

We had typical "ithacating" weather: rainy the first day; lovely on Friday, hot on Saturday, rainy again when we left on Sunday.

Our 50th Reunion Profile Book is available online as a PDF download. There are two files. The same profiles are in each document. The one that is best for you depends on how you connect to the Internet.

#1 is the full version, 256 pages, and with many color pictures of the campus.... "Eye Candy," as it were. The pictures are not of us, or of our time on the hill. They are recent photos. This file is 8 mb. Download file #1 if you have a broadband connection to the Internet. This file now works for Macs! In Preview, enable the "table of contents" to see names.

#2 is an abbreviated version; only a cover picture, no pictures within the text. This file is 970 kb. Download file #2 if you have a slow online connection or if you want to print out the entire book.

Addendum: 25 additional profiles (updated 7/26/2010).

Download File #1 (8mb, with pictures)

Download File #2 (less than 1mb, no pictures)

Download Addendum (25 additional profiles, updated 7/26/2010)

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