Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1967

Welcome to the Class of 1967 Web site. The Class of 1967 values the support and commitment of our alumni, parents and friends. Each year our class provides support for communications, programs, scholarships, reunion and other activities.


A Special Note on Cornell Memorabilia

Dear Classmates,

As many of you undertake spring cleaning or prepare to downsize your residences, you may come across your Cornell memorabilia. Rather than toss these things, please consider donating your Cornell photos, etc. to the Class of 1967 for our next Reunion. And if you plan to keep your memorabilia, please consider scanning or copying photos and sending them to Judy Silverman Kaufman for display at the next Reunion and archiving on the Class Web site.

We welcome all photos - freshman corridors, fraternity & sorority composites, weekend parties, sports teams, campus activities and scenes, etc. And we would consider even larger items: t-shirts, mugs, plaques, ribbons, datebooks, etc.

Many thanks,
Judy Kaufman


Keep in Touch with Your Classmates

Although you may not be able to return to the Hill and begin a new semester, thankfully you can still reconnect with your friends and fellow classmates. Paying your class dues and subscribing to the Cornell Alumni Magazine are two of the easiest ways to stay in touch with the Class of 1967. Your dues remain the cornerstone of our class health by providing crucial support for events, regional activities, communications, and reunions. Furthermore, your magazine subscription allows you to visit our alma mater six times a year through the class column and a variety of articles on the latest campus news and alumni.

Staying in touch with your classmates is easy. Use any of the following methods...