Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1975


Cornell Directory

Directory: “Cornell Connect”

To join the Cornell Club of Oregon and Southwest Washington, simply update your address in Cornell's directory by visiting cornellconnect.cornell.edu

Cornell deploys an iModules-based directory that allows alumni to search for Alumni and to update their own information. Maintaining your data allows you to configure your interactions with Cornell University Alumni Affairs and Development and from your clubs/classes.   

 A couple of important things to remember regarding Cornell Connect:

  • Access to Cornell Connect is limited to Cornell University who have been granted alumni  or alumni non-degree status.
  • Alumni are able to "hide" their records from alumni search inquiries. As stewards of Alumni data, Cornell University AA&D will not disclose the nature of an Alum’s directory configuration.

Access to update information requires a Cornell netid and password to authenticate your identity. If you have any questions about your netid, go to alumni.cornell.edu/services/netid.cfm.