Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1983


In Memory Of


Death versus Love

Although many of us feel like we're in the second chapter of our lives, sadly some of the Class of 1983 are no longer with us. We would like to remember those who are already gone.    


We gather here, a class once more
To reminiscence, like years before
Upon the days and joys we knew
Before our school-aged time was through
Yet, as we meet, with memories near
We think of those, always held dear -
Our friends and classmates, passed away
To be with God, and enjoy their day.

They sit at desks, resting on clouds
Surrounded by angelic crowds
Where they shall be forevermore
The friends and schoolmates we adore
They’ll be with us in every prayer
Until the day, we join them there
Within the walls of Heaven’s class
Where friendships formed shall always last.

Until that hour, when we join again
An empty chair, we will maintain
In honor of the life-long bond
We forged with those, now passed beyond 
The friends with whom we learned life’s truth
Whose bonds lasted far from our youth
And shall remain forever near
When we gather, from year to year.

–   Author Unknown


Below is a list of classmates who are deceased (no particular order):

Mr. Dennis M. Drohan
Mr. Gary M. McGoff
Mr. Mark D. Olsen
Mr. Peter L. Sklar
Mr. David R. Ward II
Mr. Tod A. Bay
Mr. Lawrence J. Kelly III
Ms. Susan Tyler Masch
Ms. Jane E. Reddin
Mr. David C. Herman
Mr. Kent E. Farley
Mrs. Theresa B. Vitalone
Mr. Angel M. Montanez
Mr. Mark E. Quinby
Mr. Whitney J. Witteman
Mr. Richard S. O'Neill
Dr. Anne Whiteford McComb
Mr. Frederick W. Frank
Ms. Evette R. Leroux
Mr. Jeffrey B. Thorp
Dr. Charles R. Curtis
Mrs. Angela G. Coolidge
Mr. Robert M. Leon
John Keane Singleton
Eric G. Colman MD
Ms. Gabriella Tussusov Morey
Ms. Elizabeth A. Waters
Mr. Robert H. Jones
Ms. Donna M. Langill
Ms. Marjorie Myers Lodes
Mr. Richard F. Clanton III
Mr. Robert L. Curtis
Charmaine C Mosher
John Allan Vonhemert
Dr. Patricia A. Reynolds
Dr. Robert J. Tigue
Mr. Mark J. Flemming
Mr. Dennis M. Cleary
Mr. Howard L. March
Ms. Dana J. Gordon
Mrs. Gail Dorros Dorfman
Mr. Jeffrey K. Weeks
Joseph Charles Johnson
Mr. Scott C. Tortorello
Ms. Sabra L. Coverdale
Mr. Karl E. Westhauser
Mr. David V. Lapoff
Mr. Douglas C. Lumley
Mr. Michael P. Smith
Mr. David B. Crowley
Donald Mark Fine
Karen Leigh Murray
Samuel Kelder Adams
Dr. Celia F. Mann-Catan
Ms. Zennette E. Austin
Mr. Robert A. Lanneval
Ms. Tracey A. Soukup
Mark James Novello
Ms. Monica Kalilec Palacio
Mr. Scott D. Morrison
Mr. Jonathan A. Craig
Mrs. Judy L. Paragamian
Michael Gary Cooper
Mr. Michael S. Wilson
Mr. Brian J. Dratch
Ms. Karen L. Wright
Mr. Philip J. Moscarella
Mr. Darryl Hale