Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1992



Our 25th Reunion is coming in 2017!  A reminder to pay your class dues so we can make this a spectacular celebration of a quarter century since graduation! 

Like us on Facebook, submit your updates to the class correspondents for the Cornell Alumni Magazine, and reach out with suggestions on how we can better serve the class.

Keeping In Touch 

Email your personal news and updates for the Cornell Alumni Magazine class column. 
Lois Duffy Castellano - LKD2@cornell.edu
Jean Kintisch - jmk226@cornell.edu
Megan Fee Torrance - mtorrance@torrancelearning.com


Our Sites

Class of '92 Facebook Group 
Class of '92 on Twitter 
Class Connections Website 

More Info 

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Class Officers

Class President: Allison Bergstrom
Vice President-Finance: Allison Abel-Kahn
Vice President-Affinity Networking: Laurel Beverly
Vice President-Social Media: Betty Eng
Vice President-Membership: Lisa Everts
Secretary: Michelle Struble Bouton
Cornell Annual Fund Representative: Cindy Spera, Stephen Mong
Class Correspondents: Lois Duffy Castellano, Megan Torrance, Jean Kintisch
Reunion Chairs: Todd Kantorczyk, Jean Kintisch, Ian Kutner
Class Historian: Open
Class Council Members: Terry Horner, Karen Hovorka, Jonathan Simon, Alex Hoffert, Marc Wallace