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Interested in running for a Class Officer position?

A short summary of positions follow. If you are interested in running for a position at Reunion 2013, stay tuned for a form to submit which will be available soon!


The class president provides leadership, initiates class activities and programs, oversees the reunion chair with reunion plans, and develops strategies for strengthening the class. The president meets regularly with all class officers and is responsible for ensuring that all officers are fulfilling the duties of their office. Communication among class officers is essential for good organization. The president is responsible for coordinating this communication and may use letters, phone calls, e-mail, or regularly scheduled officer updates for this purpose.

Vice President

The vice president has the potential to become involved in a broad variety of projects and programs. The primary responsibility of the vice president is to assist the president in planning and implementing class programs and activities. In the absence of the class president, the vice president must assume all responsibilities of the president's office, and may be required to run class meetings, write class letters, and facilitate communication among the entire class leadership.


The class secretary plays an important role in facilitating communication among class officers and maintaining a formal structure for class organizations. The secretary takes minutes of class meetings and distributes these minutes to all class officers and Alumni Affairs. The secretary is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the class constitution. Many secretaries serve as historians for their class (although some classes have an officer position for this), documenting important events and changes in the organization's history. The secretary may also write all class sympathy, congratulatory, and thank you notes.

Cornell Fund Representative

With the partnership of the Cornell Fund staff, the role of the Cornell Fund Representative is to provide leadership in encouraging classmates to be involved in fundraising, to encourage classmates to provide annual support for Cornell and to support class fundraising objectives - including increased participation of classmates in reunion campaigns and the identification of future leaders and contributors. The Cornell Fund Representative should maintain communication with the other class officers about class fundraising efforts.

Class Correspondent

Class correspondents may have one of the most demanding job of all. Each class has at least one correspondent who writes the class column in Cornell Alumni Magazine. Class correspondents must be very committed to spending time reading news of classmates and then writing about it in a lively, entertaining, and friendly tone. They must meet hard-and-fast deadlines six times each year. Correspondents should enjoy the challenge of making interesting reading from often overwhelmingly similar news items-weddings, babies, and new jobs in the more recent classes; grandchildren, travel, and retirement plans in the earlier classes. And don't forget class correspondents have a pretty tough job just trying to decipher their classmates' handwriting!


During a Non-Reunion Mode

The treasurer serves a critical role for the alumni class. While the president is responsible for overall leadership and for coordinating with all officers, the treasurer is the most called-upon officer involved in strategic planning and finances for every program the class undertakes. The treasurer's job can be summarized into four general categories: work with class officers to establish an annual budget; monitor class funds and expenditures; keep class officers and members informed about class finances; assess the financial affordability and feasibility of proposed class programs and initiatives.

During a Reunion Mode

A class is considered to be in "Reunion mode" beginning July 1 in the year prior to their Reunion until December 1 following their Reunion. For example, the Class of 1993 will be in Reunion mode July 1, 2007 until December 1, 2007. They will need to budget and monitor the Reunion account for Reunion-related transactions - Reunion registration fees and deposits and Reunion bills (caterers, florists, bands, souvenir vendors, etc.)

Reunion Chair

The Reunion Chair is responsible for planning and executing the class reunion in Ithaca every five years. This event is a major activity that requires the support of all class officers and other class volunteers. The officer should enjoy event planning and be able to design an overall plan of action and adhere to deadlines. They must make a commitment to work closely with the Reunion staff contact in Class & Reunion Programs on a weekly basis the year prior to their reunion. Although two or more individuals may be selected to serve as a reunion chair, it is important that job responsibilities are clearly assigned to each chair.


Maintain and keep the class website up-to-date.

Current Class Officers


Todd Rethemeier

Vice Presidents

Courtney Erickson
Scott Kauff
Michelle Lee
Jonathan Russell 

Membership Chair

Scott Kauff


Jessica Graus Woo

Reunion Chairs

Lauren Bailyn Spira
Christine Watteres Stuhlmiller

Class Correspondents

Yael Berkowitz Rosenberg
Erica Fox
Bryan Fuhr

Cornell Annual Fund Representative

Loren Rosenzweig Feingold


Jessica Raab Kadar