Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1990



Special thanks to these classmates who contributed their time and talents in making our 25th reunion and reunion campaign the very best for everyone.

Class of 1990 Reunion Committee Members

Kristyn and Scott Whitney
Alisa Strauss
Rob and Sue Price
Sean and Sarah Hammer Williams
Nancy Newman
Doug Onsi
Julian Ha
Helen Arco
Paul Tauber
Kelly Roberson
Amy Wong
Rose Tanasugarn
Rachel Greenblatt
Susie Hanchett
Alan Schussheim
Jim Ward

Class of 1990 Reunion Campaign Committee Members

Dr. Sean M. Bolks
Ivan J. Brockman
John P. Comerford Esq.
Deborah P. Finn
Kenneth P. Held
Robert Emmett Lane
Dr. Elizabeth D. Lynch
Douglas E. Onsi
Sarah Hammer Williams
Sean E. Williams

Class of 1990 Officers

Class of 1990 Constitution

The Class of 1990 carries on a strong tradition as outlined in our class constitution. The constitution defines guidelines for conducting class business.  

Class of 1990 Membership

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Membership DOES have its Privileges

A Class Dues Membership includes:

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Membership Soars

In 2008, we surpassed our membership goal and with your help we will do the same in 2009! In addition, over 300 classmates elected to use the automatic renewal option which means one less thing to worry about - we hope you will sign up for this secure option if you are not already a member. (https://www.alumni.cornell.edu/secure/dues/index.cfm?cy=1990)

Your involvement is essential to the strength of our class, and I thank you for your support!

Julian Ha
Class of 1990 Membership Chair