Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1952




Another great Reunion which allowed all of us to renew some old friendships, initiate some new ones and be reminded constantly of what a great university we all enjoyed some 65 years ago and, equally as important, are still enjoying.  Thank you Sue, Dick, Bob, and Don for leading us in this remarkable milestone and thanks also to be the Reunion committee classmates for their equally stellar performances.  Here is a number summary (Bob's report) of what our class accomplished:

Seventy-five ‘52ers registered for our 65th Reunion—A NEW RECORD, shattering the previous attendance record of 61 classmates.  Our record-breaking classmates, and their companions, were treated to four days of perfect weather—bright sunshine and comfortable temperatures.  This set the stage for the outstanding class events organized by our Reunion Chairs:  Sue Youker Schlaepfer and Dick Dye.  The Friday night dinner at the beautiful Lab of Ornithology was a highlight—graced by the presence of our new president, Martha Pollack, and her gracious remarks.  President Pollack was a hard act to follow.  But Co-President and Campaign Chair Don Follett succeeded, with his report on the outstanding Reunion Campaign:

Total Donors:  NEW RECORD of 261, breaking the old record of 247 from the Class of 1950

Tower Club Members:  NEW RECORD of 52, breaking the old record of 45 from the Class of 1951

Cayuga Society Members:  NEW RECORD OF 125, breaking the old record of 101 from Class of 1951

Quadrangle Club Members:  40, with 35% of donors giving over $1,000

Total Dollars:  $9,208,805

Class Lifetime Giving:  $141,513,297




We still would like your own personal reflections of your years on the hill so that we can all share with each other the many wonderful and memorable (not necessarily the same) times had by all.  Send them to me with a copy to Bibbi Hartshorn (pwblanchard@twcny.rr.com and bibbi@atlanticbb.net).  I will try to publish all of these in toto or in part on the website as a monthly or periodic listing.  The final written collection will be bound and donated to the Cornell Archives.



Click here to see a list of our 65th Reunion attendees.



During Reunion, we elected a new slate of officers for the next 5 years and these are shown below.  We've also updated the Class Council list.  Congratulations to all who are listed.  It is an honor to be so recognized by your classmates and additionally a responsibility which you have well earned.  Have fun with all of this.1952_class_officer_slate_11x17_2017.pdf


SALUTE TO CORNELL VETERANS - Barton Hall - Hosted by the Class of 1952

Our class sponsored and organized this program which was made available to all Cornell classes.  We had some 200 attendees and salute our classmates who orchestrated what turned out to be a very good presentation.  Click here to watch the recorded version for yourself.  You can also see the program that was handed out at the event. salutecornellveterans2017_final.pdf  It's well worth watching and will make you even prouder of your Cornell roots and how crucial diversity was and still is to our educational process.



We've accumulated a lot of these treasures and as much of this as possible is listed as a video link.  If more is needed please let your voice be heard.  Additional pictures of classmates, events, plans, whatever can also be included and will be posted as the detail becomes available.  

Good Old Days on the Hill 1948-1952, produced for our 40th Reunion, Click here 

45th, 50th, and 60th Reunion videos (available at a later date)


 A Trip Down Memory Lane

This is what Cornell looked like when we attended as undergraduates.  (1950 picture presently on the website).

And this is what campus looks like now:


Read about each of our 4 years on campus here:









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