Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1954

Greetings and Welcome!

On this page is current information about the class and a list of class officers.



What have you been up to??  Let us know!

Whether it's travel, volunteering, playing golf or tennis, why not share your experiences with Class Correspondent and Class News maven Les Reed so she can share them with the rest of us.  She's always looking for news for the Class Notes.  

There are so many talented '54s - photographers, artists, as well as those whose time is invested in their communities in a variety of ways -  your experiences and insights might benefit others, or just be enjoyable reading.  

We've put a Class Notes form on our site that you can download, fill out, and send in - or scan it, or just use it as a guide and send Les an email.  Her address is lesliejreed@me.com.  Just click on it to open an email.  To access the Class News Form, click HERE.

By the way, Class Notes are posted to this site throughout the year.  You can read the most current version or search the notes going back at least five years.  If you haven't tried it yet, go to the Community Tab and take a look.

Guess What?

There is still time to pay your Class Dues for this year!!

Our dues are important to our class, they fund class activities, mailings, meetings and, of course, help pay expenses for our reunions – and our next one is in 2019 - only two years away!   No funds go to the university.

So, while you’re thinking about it – write a check for $20 if you’re single, $30 if a couple.  If you want to add the Cornell Alumni News, send $48 or $58.  Mark your check that it is intended for the Class of 1954 and send it to: Cornell University, PO Box 25841, Lehigh Valley, PA  18003-9695

Better yet, arrange to pay online.  To do this, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and click on “Pay Class Dues”.  This will take you to another page where you can enter the necessary information as well as opt for automatic renewal.

While you’re here on the site, take a look around, email a “Hello” to a class officer, drop a note to the webmaster and tell her about luncheons or Cornell meetings in your area, and don’t forget to send Les Reed some news on your activities. 

We’re depending on you!!




 Just Posted!


September - October Class Notes now posted on the Community page.

Homecoming is coming soon.  Make plans!

Hear the dedication of Cornell Tech - available on the Cornell Tech dedication website - and watch a video of the inauguration of our new president, Martha Pollack.

Go on trips to wonderful locations around the world with the Symons from the comfort of your easy chair - look on the Community page

          Your dues are important - read why!! - this page

Cornell Homecoming Oct. 20-21, 2017

Save the date or register now !

Classmates in NYC, bus transportation is available!  There's a pick-up location at the Cornell Club and three drop-off locations in Ithaca.  To find out more, go to:  NYC Homecoming bus.

Watch recent Cornell events:


Cornell Tech Campus dedicated September 13 - The dedication will be live-streamed on the Cornell Tech dedication website.  The website itself is worth a look all by itself. 

Pollack Inauguration - Watch a video of the ceremony  To to to the official inauguration website: Click HERE.


Thank You from Scholarship Recipient Cindy Chen

We have provided student scholarships for many years.  Occasionally we get a thank you which is posted for all to see.  Last year’s recipient, Cindy Chen, has been much more forthcoming.  Enjoy her newsy thank you letter as well as a follow up email describing what she is doing now and how her goals have changed.  She has provided her email address so you can contact her.

See both letters by clicking HERE.



New to the Website?  Here's what's what....

The site has three tabs at the top which take you to this information.

  •  "About" is the first page see, has news of what's happening now and a list of class officers and their contact information.
  • "Community" contains information about the people in our class -- our activities, people who have been honored for their contributions to the university, as well as a list of classmates who are no longer with us.  This list is for the current year but has a link to the university's list which is matriculation-to-date.
  • "Get Involved" contains information about university services available to us.  Information has already been posted.  Take a look!

Then, at the bottom of each page are links that allow us to pay our dues online, find alumni and events, volunteer, and more.   You'll also notice that there are also links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram.


2014 - 2019 Class Officers


Jack Vail jdvail@aol.com  

Vice Presidents

Ken Hershey kenhershey@rochester.rr.com and Chick Trayford ctrayford@comcast.net

Membership Chair

Charles "Chick" Trayford ctrayford@comcast.net





Secretary & Correspondent

Leslie Papenfus Reed lesliejreed@me.com


Jim Settel goodolejim@earthlink.net

Reunion Chairs

Mary and Dave Call dlc3@cornell.edu 

Cornell Fund Representative

Warren Breckenridge rwbreck@aol.com 





Jan Kunz jankunz5475@gmail.com

Class Historian

Peg Bundy Bramhall pegbramhall@sbcglobal.net