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  • New statistics posted for '55 in Numbers-Numbers-Numbers.  See Hot Links! below.
  • Andy Dadagian is now a new member of the '55 Class Council.

  • Cornell Health dedication set for Oct. 21

  • Register for Homecoming, October 20-21.  Bus service from NYC is available.
  • September - October Class Notes are posted

  • Member of our Class Council, Rex Boda, has passed away.  Go to the Community Tab to find out about his memorial service which will be in Ithaca, and to read about his life since Cornell. 

Cornell Health dedication set for October 21

On Saturday, October 21, 2017 the new Cornell Health facility will be dedicated. At our 60th reunion the Class  of 1955  donated $100,000 to name a room in this facility.  As you can see the Class of 1955 gift plaque is located next to the office of the Assistant Director oCounseling and Psychological Services and is in a high traffic area.  No other alumni class has made a naming donation.  Cornell Students and staff will remember our great class  in perpetuity.

Cornell Health is staffed by 220 full time employees including; 30 mental health professionals, 2 post-docs, 16 medical clinicians (physicians/mid-level clinicians), a large staff of nursing professionals (RNs, LPNs, medical assistants), 6 pharmacy staff as well as lab, x-ray, physical therapy, care managers, health records, health educators, occupational medicine, and administrative services staff.

Sharon Dittman, our contact at Cornell Health, said they would be happy to welcome class of ’55 alumni for a tour any time they happen to be on campus. Sharon’s email is SD15@cornell.edu

To see the complete article, click HERE.  The university's web page for Cornell Health is https://health.cornell.edu.



Cornell Homecoming Oct. 20-21, 2017

Save the date or register now !

Classmates in NYC, bus transportation is available!  There's a pick-up location at the Cornell Club and three drop-off locations in Ithaca.  To find out more, go to:  NYC Homecoming bus.


Go Big Red!

An Executive Committee meeting was held Saturday, September 16 at Phil Harvey's home in Chadds Ford, PA.  Meeting notes are being prepared and will be posted when they are ready.

After the meeting the committee went to the Cornell - University of Delaware football game (don't ask about the score).  Attending were Co-President Michael Avery and his wife Catherine Millian, Co-President Phil Harvey, Secretary Eva Ray, Past President Fred Antil, and Lauren Coffey, our alumni go-to person, and husband Jamie.


Andy Dadagian joins Class Council

 Andy, an active ENT surgeon in New Bedford, MA has joined the '55 Class Council.  He and his wife Barbara, who soon will be celebrating their 58th anniversary, have five children and eleven healthy and bright grandchildren. 

Andy DadagianAs you can see by the accompanying photo, Andy is a die-hard Patriots fan - and yes, those are five Super Bowl rings and yes, that's a Super Bowl trophy. 

Now that he is part of the Class Council he says he is looking forward to schmoozing with other members of this august body.  Spoiler alert - you will be hearing soon about a luncheon he is planning for classmates in his area this fall. 

Welcome Andy!


 If you missed the live-streaming, watch Recent Events here!


Pollack Inauguration - August 25



Dedication of Cornell Tech in NYC

September 13



Class Dues Alert!!

Check out the statistics just posted in Numbers-Number-Numbers.  We've had a drop in the number of classmates paying dues.  This is a very distrubing trend since our class had the most dues payers for the decade classes of the 50s.

Our dues are very important to our class, they fund class activities, mailings, meetings and, of course, help pay expenses for our reunions – and our next one is in 2020 - only a few years away!   These are not contributions to the university but to the class of 1955.

38 classmates previously had automatic renewals (AR). You may have had an AR in the past but may need to check with Lauren Coffey, our AA&D engagement officer, to see if you do have one or for any other questions about dues. She can be reached at (607) 255-6582 or lauren.coffey@cornell.edu. Or, you can send a check to Cornell University, PO Box 25841, Lehigh Valley, PA  18003-9695

Better yet, arrange to pay online.  To do this, to do this either click HERE or scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and click on “PayClass Dues”.  This will take you to another page where you can enter the necessary information as well as opt for automatic renewal.

We’re depending on you and thanks for your support of the great class of 1955 !!! 





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Executive Committee Meeting Notes -  These are the minutes from a meeting held during the CALC session February 2-3 attended by Co-Presidents Michael Avery and Phil Harvey, and Secretary Eva Ray in Baltimore, MD.

Treasurer's Report - Our year-end financial statement for the fiscal year 2016-17 is now posted.

Class Notes - Read news and memories from 1955ers starting with the May, 2016 issue of the Alumni News.  These are the same notes that appear in the alumni magazine, but now they can be both read and searched.

Numbers-Numbers-Numbers - Interesting class statistics with comparison to previous year.

Class Constitution - updated April 2017 to include new duties of Class Council members.

CACO on Facebook  -  this link takes you to (surprise!) the CACO (Cornell Alumni Class Officers) Facebook page.  You'll find news of what's happening on campus as well as links to games and other interesting options.  You can become a member or not - it's a public site - but joining gives you a bit more access to the page's capabilities.  Give it a try!

In Memorium - in memory of classmates who had passed away this year.  The link will take you to the Community Tab.  Scroll down to see the list.

The Good Old Days - Our class history copied from our 1955 graduation yearbook's look back at our four years at Cornell.  It's a fun read.

Cornell Daily Sun: Then and Now - The current of the Sun can be seen by clicking the link at the left.  If you want to search the digital archive, click Sun Archive.


Class Officers

Mike Avery

Philip S. Harvey    

Co-Vice Presidents     
Carol Rittershausen Byron    

Bill Doerler

Daniel Krouner     

Eva Konig Ray    

Class Correspondent     
Nancy Savage Petrie     



- Class Council -  

Andy Dadagian

Hal Fountain

Ron Ganales

Bill Laube

Nils Nordberg