Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1988



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Class Officers

Congratulations to our class officers, approved at our 25th reunion!

Alan Riffkin
Howard Greenstein

Vice President
Nicholas Daniels

Membership Chair
Laura Bloch

Wendy Huang

Class Correspondents
Andrea Danziger
Brad Mehl


Cornell Annual Fund Representative
Lilli Siegel Roth


Lisa Pasquale Semmes

Class Council

Paul Kitamura
Robert Rosenberg

Affinity Chair
Nicholas Daniels

Nominating Chair

Kelly Brown




Website Community Manager

Brad Botkin

Reunion Chairs
Nicole Abbatecola 
Angelica Botkin
Amanda Smith

Keep Up With the Class of '88!

Save The Date For Our 30th Reunion
JUNE 7-10, 2018


Headquarters and lodging

Class headquarters  will be on north Campus at RPCC. Class housing will be on North Campus in High Rise 1.

Addresses: High Rise 1: 11 Northcross Road, Ithaca, NY 14850




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