Welcome to the Cornell Club of Eastern Florida!



CAAAN is the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network, a group of over 8,000 alumni volunteers who assist the Cornell admissions community in recruiting superior undergraduate applicants. CAAAN members are involved in a variety of activities, the biggest of which is contacting local candidates who have submitted their application, to answer questions, provide a positive perspective on the University, and accumulate additional information about the applicant. Other activities often include helping staff college fairs and hosting receptions.

Please contact CCEF CAAAN Co-Chairs George Koester, glkoester@aol.com, or Abbe Groffman, agg2600@gmail.com, for more information about our local program.
Go to https://caaan.admissions.cornell.edu/vol/newmember.cfm to become a member of the CCEF CAAAN Committee.