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About the Cornell Club of Toronto

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About the Club

The Cornell Club or Toronto is an organization that was created by Cornell alumni with the aim of providing networking, learning, and fun event opportunities.The club maintains connections with 15+ other universities for networking and joint event opportunities via the International Universities Clubs of Toronto organization. This network allows the club to hold events with other Ivy League, American, and prominent European universities.

About the Club Leadership


  • Chair board meetings, ensure the meetings are effective and facilitate decision making.

  • Be the coordinator with Cornell University Alumni Affairs.

  • Prepare the Annual Report which gets submitted to Cornell each July.

Beth Duffy: Beth Dessen Duffy Graduated from the Agriculture and Life Sciences School at Cornell in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Education. She is a Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority.Prior to marrying Dan Duffy(Cornell Class of 1982) and moving to Canada, Beth worked as a Research Analyst for the House of Representatives in Harrisburg, PA, Senior Public Affairs Representative at PECO Energy , Philadelphia, PA and Director of Public Affairs at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA. In Toronto she worked for the Office of Great Lakes Governors as a Trade Specialist.She now enjoys her time in Aurora, Ontario with Dan and their two children. She is an active volunteer with their Church, Children’s School and local Senior Citizen’s home. She looks forward to participating in and contributing to the Cornell Club of Toronto.

Organizing Committee

Roles are distributed to different members of the committee

  • Contact and creator of club communications and marketing.

  • Plans and implements the club’s online communication strategy and media.

  • Handles the club’s correspondence and interfaces with Cornell Alumni Affairs information technology area.

  • Coordinates events that occur.

  • Ensures that timelines are being reached for events and be the contact person for questions.

  • Keep statistics for each event (for example: # of people that showed up, dollars raised, attendee feedback etc.).

  • Take the minutes for each meeting.

  • Aids Board in administration of meetings and action items (e.g. agendas, reporting).

  • Represents the club at joint alumni club organizational meetings in Toronto to enable communications with other alumni clubs.

  • Attend the Board Meetings and provide ideas into new programming/events that could be undertaken.

  • Take the lead of at least one event per year in which that Director would function as the lead in finding the venue, caterers, contacting the Cornell alumni etc. for that event.

  • Based on the size/complexity of the event, more than one Director can be directly involved in the operations/logistics for an event.

  • Inform committee members when necessary for any changes to the planning of the events he/she is organizing.

  • Manage club finances as Treasurer. 

Adam Kassam

Alan S. Alexandroff

Dan Duffy: Dan Duffy graduated from Cornell in 1982 with a degree in Agricultural Economics. He is married to Beth Duffy (Dessen) who is also from the Class of 1982. Dan is the president and co-founder of Mid-Range Computer Group Inc. He has been in the Canadian I.T. business for 27 years including 24 with Mid-Range. His background includes selling ERP solutions, hardware and managed services. He has overseen the building of three Mid-Range data centres in York Region. Dan has served as a board member for the Toronto Users Group for Mid-Range Systems (TUG), the Eastern Canada Regional Users Group (ECRUG), and has been on numerous IBM Business Partner Councils including the Business Partner of the Americas Advisory Council and he is the Vice Chairman of the York Technology Alliance.

Daniel Tsai 

Gizem Sakalli - Communications Director 

Jenny Hwang Lam

Jon Carnella

Justin Tung: Justin Tung is Cornell class of 2003. He is a native to Toronto and currently working for the Government of Ontario in information and communications technology and enjoys building relationships with Cornellians and their friends and families through the Cornell Club of Toronto.

Kim Emerson - Vice President/Secretary

Mimi Joh

Mukhtar Sumar

Murray Braithwaite

Steve Dwek - Treasurer

Past Presidents

Ken Schnorbusch, Tara Dawood, Richard Mendelsohn (Co-president 2008 – 2009), Kim Le (de-facto during a period of 2009), Murray Braithwaite, Onah Jung

Onah Jung: Onah is a Cornell Architecture School graduate who moved to Toronto from New York City after working many years in the field of Architecture and operates her own architecture practice at Studio Jonah. She has handled numerous projects ranging from institutional to residential. Some of her projects include Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), the JFK airport, World Trade Center Towers in New York – a joint project between the US and Canadian architecture firms. Onah graduated with her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University in 1995 and in 1998, she had obtained her Masters in Architecture and Urban Design degree from Columbia University.

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