Welcome to the Cornell Club of Northern New Jersey!



Cornell Club of Northern New Jersey Officers


Helaine Winer ’84, 973-379-7527,hawiner526@gmail.com

Vice Presidents

Ben Geschwind '85, bgeschwind@verizon.net

Marianne Mason ’79, Marianne.mason9166@gmail.com

Secretary and Past President

Dorothy Frank ’84 973-507-9329, dorothypfrank@gmail.com


Douglas Goldstein ’95, 973-895-3082,dggldstn@yahoo.com

Social Media

Karen Abrahams ’82, 973-328-1592, ksa712@aol.com

Board of Governors

Term Expires 2020: 

Tricia Burke                                  
Christine Tao Cheung
Alan Fisher
Sarah Sakson Langstedt
Susan Levy '86, susanblevy@aol.com
Roberta Samuels ’87, rrjjsam@comcast.net

Term Expires 2019

Suzanne LeMole Parent ’88, slemole@yahoo.com
Rolf Frantz '66, nrfrantz@verizon.net
Heather Ginter
Laurie Moses
Nancy Shaw

Term Expires 2018 

Ilana Buschkin ’98,ibuschkin@gmail.com
Carole Kenyon ’59, cak37@cornell.edu
Lisa Mandelblatt ’86, lmandelblatt@comcast.net
Jon Poelma ’96, jonpoelma@gmail.com
Christine Stuhlmiller ’93, cmw1@cornell.edu

Governor Emerita
Virginia Panzer-Wiener ’55, ginnypw@aol.com
Ronni Strell ’58, ronni58@juno.com

Upcoming Events

Student Send-Off

The Cornell Club of Northern New Jersey invites you to our annual Student Send-Off Event for the incoming class of 2021 on Sunday, August 13, 2017 from 3pm to 5pm. This is a great opportunity for incoming students to meet each other, and to talk with current students about the Cornell experience. We hope you can join us!

When: Thursday, August 13, 2017. 3 PM - 5 PM

Place: a private residence in Short Hills, NJ. The exact address will be provided upon registration.

Click here for more details and to register
Event questions? Contact Marianne Mason, minmason2@yahoo.com 
Registration questions? Contact Karen Barnes, karen.barnes@cornell.edu

Save the Date


July 27 - Nine and Dine: Nine holes of golf and dinner

August 13 - Student Send-Off

September - Cocktail clinic at Serenade

September - Martinis and Mingling


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Other Cornell Activities 



The Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network wants YOU to assist the Cornell Admissions community in recruiting superior undergraduate applicants. CAAAN members contact local candidates who have submitted their application, to answer questions, provide a positive perspective on the University, and accumulate additional information about the applicant. Contact your area chairperson for more information visit http://caaan.admissions.cornell.edu/chairs.cfm for their contact information. 

Club News 



It's Free! Cornell Club of Northern New Jersey 

Joining us has just gotten easier - no more dues! To join, send an e-mail to Rolf Frantz '66 at nrfrantz@verizon.net with your full name and email address.

Also, please be sure to update the university's database with changes to your other contact information, such as phone numbers, email and mailing addresses, by going to www.cornellconnect.cornell.edu.

We want to hold events that are of interest to you! Please indicate in your e-mail if you would be willing to help with: 

Membership, Website, Book Awards, Events, Contacting Applicants to Cornell as an Alumni Admissions Ambassador or sharing your knowledge, skills, or expertise by giving a presentation at a Club event. 

The Cornell Club of Northern New Jersey Book Club

Join fellow alumni for relaxed and interesting discussions about current and recent best sellers.  We meet four times per year in the evening at a location in the Millburn/Short Hills area. Books are recommended by our members and may include any genre. There are no fees to join the club or to the attend meetings. Refreshments are served.

Please join our email list to find out more about the club, to register for meetings and to get updates on current reading selections. Contact CCNNJ Book Club Leader Suzanne LeMole Parent ’88 at  sll45cornell@gmail.com for more information. 


Board of Governors' Meetings

Our bi-monthly meetings are held at Board members' homes, starting at 7:30 p.m., and are open to all Club members. To get involved, please contact any of our officers.


We welcome contributions to the Cornell Club's Scholarship Fund! Please consider providing financial support to help fund the mission of our university. Click here to donate to our Cornell Club of Northern NJ scholarship to help a local Cornellian.

Please call the Office of Trusts, Estates, and Planned Giving, 1-800-481-1865, if you would like information about establishing a planned gift to benefit the Club's Scholarship Fund. 

University policy prohibits the use of alumni address information for other than Cornell-related activities. 

Important Information About Club Mailings and E-Mail 

Please provide your e-mail address as part of your membership information. It will only be used for Club business. However, the Club now uses e-mail as the preferred method for distributing announcements about upcoming events and activities ..... it's faster and cheaper! If you don't have e-mail, regular mail (postal) delivery will be used, but information may be slower in reaching you. 

Your club officers have been elected to serve you. Please contact us with suggestions for events of interest to local alumni to bring Cornellians together and educate our community about the University and its capabilities. If you have ideas, or are willing to lend a hand, we would love to get you involved. Club members are invited to attend monthly meetings of the Board of Governors, posted to our web site at www.alumni.cornell.edu/orgs/clubs/ccnnj/. During the Club year, we will e-mail information on events to Club members. 

Veterinarians Caring for All of Earth's Creatures 

Join us at The Newark Community Healthy Pet Clinic for a family-friendly event. We all know veterinarians take care of our dogs and cats. But did you know the veterinarian cares for all types of animals on the earth and in the seas? The veterinarian's job is truly a wonderfully diverse one. The Newark Community Healthy Pet Clinic is a non-profit unconventional veterinary clinic located in an urban warehouse in Newark, New Jersey.  This clinic was founded by a Cornell undergraduate and veterinary school alumnus.  It's based on Cornell's Southside Veterinary Clinic in Ithaca, New York.  Join us to view the clinic and learn more about veterinarians' roles in today's society. Refreshments will be served.

When: Sunday, May 21, 2017, 10 AM - 12 PM  Place: Newark Community Healthy Pet Clinic, Newark, NJ Cost: This event is free, but registration is required.

Click here for more details and to register
Event questions? Contact Dr. Nancy Shaw, shawfam@optonline.net 
Registration questions? Contact Claire Stack, cms362@cornell.edu