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San Antonio has the luxury of having big-city amenities, but a small-city country feel. If you are new to San Antonio, CASA would like to extend you a warm welcome and provide you with some immediate links to the vast resources available here. A good mix of Cornell alumni are either native or transplants. We hope you reach out to us by visiting the "Get Involved" page and add us to Facebook.

Austin is a 1.5 hour drive from San Antonio along I-35, and along the way, you'll discover a shopper's paradise-- San Marcos Premium Outlets. And since you're only half-way to Austin, might as well visit Club Austin's website for any upcoming event information that could peak your interest.

Home to the NBA champions San Antonio Spurs, you'll definitely have a great time at the AT&T Center for some basketball action. Best games are the rivalry match-ups against the Los Angeles Lakers or Dallas Mavericks. CASA plans to hold an annual group game event at the beginning of the year that takes advantage of Cornell Alumni grant money and discounted group prices.

CASA volunteers time to support our community. Here's how we've helped in the past and will help in the future. Please contact us if you are interested in leading a volunteer project!

CASA members also enjoy wonderful activities together throughout the year. There's always something to do! Please contact us if you wish to help plan and lead events.

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Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network

A group of over 8,000 alumni volunteers who assist the Cornell admissions community in recruiting superior undergraduate applicants. CAAAN members primarily contact local candidates who have submitted their application and provide a positive perspective on the University. Other activities often include representing Cornell University at local college fairs and hosting receptions.

Ivy Plus

The Ivy Plus group aims to enrich the lives of area alumni, current and prospective students, and other Ivy League-affiliated individuals through civic, educational, social, and business networking opportunities. We plan to volunteer together to contribute to the San Antonio community while having fun with engaging individuals. All our members are welcome to organize events for the group and publicize through this website.

Leadership Succession

If you are interested in a leadership opportunity with CASA, please contact CASA and you'll be provided with time-frames and election guidelines. The roles are purely on a volunteer-basis.

Bright Ideas

If you have any other suggestions for the organization or content ideas for this website, please notify CASA.