Welcome to the Cornell Latino Alumni Association!


About the Cornell Latino Alumni Association

What is CLAA/ Que es CLAA?

The Cornell Latino Alumni Association (CLAA) was founded in 1994 with the mission of representing and promoting the needs and interests of all Latino alumni as they exist at Cornell University and beyond. By definition, CLAA’s constituency is broad and encompasses Cornell University’s Latino American, Latino Caribbean, Latin American, and Latino European alumni, which collectively comprise about 15% of the total alumni population.

Interestingly, Cornell’s connection to Latin America can be traced back to the first class of the University which included students from Brazil. In fact, there were enough Brazilian students throughout the nineteenth century at Cornell to support a Portuguese-language magazine, Aurora Brasileira. Today, Latin Americans are active in most of Cornell’s colleges and schools and throughout alumni associations with diverse strengths including agricultural sciences, anthropology, art history, city and regional planning, government, history, labor relations, languages, literature, and nutrition.”

Membership in CLAA is open to all Cornell University alumni holding undergraduate or post graduate degrees from Cornell, and Cornell faculty and staff members who support the purposes and goals of CLAA.

Our Goals

To promote and facilitate the interests and activities of Latino alumni of Cornell University
To foster a sentiment of regard and support amongst Cornell Latino alumni;
To facilitate communication between Cornell, CLAA, and other Cornell alumni associations;
To identify Cornell Latino alumni leaders;
To promote Latino alumni service to Cornell and local communities;
To encourage and assist in the development and growth of other local CLAA associations;
To assist Cornell in the recruitment and retention of Latino students;
To assist Cornell in the academic and personal development of Latino students, faculty, and staff;
To participate in the formulation of Cornell policy;
To do any and all things necessary or incidental to the realization of these goals.

Our Growth

CLAA is thrilled to announce that it currently has chapters established in the cities of New York and Miami, USA. So, for those of you, who are interested in getting involved, feel free to explore this website and learn how you may do so. CLAA is continuously looking for new members to join so make sure you visit our "Community" page to learn more and spread the word!

Sincerely yours,

The CLAA Executive Board