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For more information on volunteering for CAAA, please contact one of the CAAA officers listed below or e-mail diversity-aad@cornell.edu.


Board of Directors


Klara Ng '99, Arts and Sciences klara.ng.caaa@gmail.com

Klara is a Staff Attorney at inMotion, Inc., a legal not-for-profit serving low-income women in New York City. Her work focuses on matrimonial, family, and immigration law. Klara is responsible for managing inMotion's in-house uncontested divorce program, mentoring pro bono legal teams at corporate law firms, and conducting legal continuing education trainings. At Cornell, Klara dual majored in English and Spanish, competed on the Sport Tae Kwon Do Team, and was active in the Asian/Asian-American and performing arts community.

Klara has been an active member of CAAA since 2008 and has served as the Registration Co-Chair for Reunion 2010, Co-Chair for the 2012 Pan-Asian Banquet, and Co-Chair for Reunion 2013. She was also the Secretary for CAAA in 2012-2013.


Ketan Zaveri '02, Engineering ketan.zaveri.caaa@gmail.com

Ketan graduated with a degree in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering. He is currently a Director in the Risk Assurance practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and is based in New York. During his time at Cornell, Ketan was involved in a number of cultural organizations including the Chinese Students Association, CAPSU, and Society for India. He was actively involved in theatre productions for the Center for Theatre Arts as well as student organizations. Ketan is also a founding member of Lambda Phi Epsilon National Fraternity at Cornell.

Since graduating, Ketan has been involved with CAAA for the past 10 years and has served as an Executive Board member for 7 of those years. He was the Treasurer for CAAA since 2012. Ketan is also a member of the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN), a Cornell Alumni-Student Mentor, and an avid Cornell Hockey and Lacrosse fan.

Vice President of Communications

Olivia Tai '11, Arts and Sciences olivia.tai.caaa@gmail.com

Olivia graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences and is currently pursuing a career in medicine, with a particular interest in LGBT health. She is an active member of the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA): Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality and the Southern California Lambda Medical Association.

Olivia continues to support the Cornell community by volunteering for CAAA, CUGALA: Cornell's LGBT Alumni Association, Cornell Mosaic, Cornell Club of Los Angeles, and Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN). She is responsible for public relations as CUGALA's Secretary and Co-Chair of the Communications Committee, and began managing CAAA's online presence as Chair of Committee for Information Management & Archives (CIMA) in 2012. Most recently, she served as Registration Co-Chair of CAAA Reunion 2013 and was featured as a one of the "Alumnae of Impact" in Cornell Mosaic's Mosaic Spotlight publication.

On campus, Olivia was a two-year recipient of CAAA's Cornell Tradition Fellowship. Named one of the national Top 12 LGBT Student Leaders in Action by Campus Pride, she focused on community-building and diversity as a President of Haven: The LGBTQ Student Union and MOSAIC for same-gender loving People of Color. Olivia coordinated a workshop series on the intersectionality of racial and sexual identities for MOSAIC, which was awarded the James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding and Harmony in 2009.


Samantha Ng'04, Hotel Administration samanthang.caaa@gmail.com

She graduated from the School of Hotel Administration and worked in hotel operations for several years before she transitioned to a new career in taxation. During her time in the hospitality industry, she worked at several New York City hotels and was the Membership Manager at the Cornell Club-New York. Later, while she was pursuing a Masters degree in Accounting at Baruch College, she took on a short-term position as the Assistant Director of the Executive Masters of Science in Industrial Labor Relations program at Baruch College. After she completed her Masters degree, she began working at Baker Tilly LLP, where she is currently a Senior Tax Accountant.

At Cornell, she was a member of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH), where she served as the Director of Academic and Professional Development. She currently participates in the Cornell Alumni-Student Mentoring Program and volunteers for New York Cares whenever she can.

CAAA Sponsored Scholarships

Giving - No gift is too small!

Please click this link to make a secure online donation to the CAAA Scholarship.

Cornell has a long tradition of need-blind admissions and keeping its doors open to all students, regardless of their ability to pay for their education. In 2008-09, Cornell's undergraduates received more than $187.7 million in financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study. Nineteen percent came from income from university student aid endowment gifts, including the CAAA Scholarship. The remainder of this came from the university's general operating budget (58%), a combination of federal and state funds (19%), and various external sources (4%).

CAAA Scholarship

Year  -  Awarded Name
2009-10 - Victoria Yang '12
2008-09 - Victoria Yang '12
2007-08 - Gen Machida '10
2006-07 - Gen Machida '10
2005-06 - Gen Machida '10
2004-05 - Suemin Jeon '09
2003-04 - Ashwin Phadnis '07
2003-04 - Matthew Wong '07
2002-03 - Gloria Lau '06
2001-02 - Randy Chan '02
2000-01 - Randy Chan '02
1999-00 - Tang Fang '00

The Cornell Tradition, an alumni-supported program that recognizes and rewards outstanding undergraduates, is a contemporary expression of the founders' vision. The program awards 500 fellowships each year, including the CAAA Cornell Tradition Fellowship and the Benson P. Lee Cornell Tradition Fellowship, to Cornell students who demonstrate significant work experience, a commitment to campus and/or community service, and academic achievement.

CAAA Tradition Fund

Year  -  Awarded Name

2009-10 - Danielle Jung '11
Olivia Tai '10
2008-09 - Weonyoung Lee '09
Hazel Chi '09
2007-08 - Weonyoung Lee '09
Hazel Chi '09
2006-07 - Weonyoung Lee '09
2005-06 - Weonyoung Lee '09
2004-05 - Weonyoung Lee '09
2003-04 - Jung Lee '04
2002-03 - Jung Lee '04
2001-02 - Jung Lee '04
2000-01 - Jung Lee '04
1999-00 - Michelle Li '00
1998-99 - Michelle Li '00
1997-98 - Michelle Li '00
1996-97 - Michelle Li '00
1995-96 - Haeri Kim '99
1994-95 - Ji Huyn Kang '95
1993-94 - Ji Huyn Kang '95

Benson Lee Tradition Fund

Year  -  Awarded Name
2009-10 - Da Eun Jeon '10
2008-09 - Da Eun Jeon '10
2007-08 - Zhenmou Yue '10
2006-07 - Zhenmou Yue '10
2005-06 - Michelle Tong '06
2004-05 - Jennifer Choi '08
2003-04 - Moses Choi '04
2002-03 - Moses Choi '04
2001-02 - Moses Choi '03
2000-01 - Moses Choi '03
1999-00 - Tuyen Phan '00
1998-99 - Tuyen Phan '01
1997-98 - Tuyen Phan '01
1996-97 - Hajir Dilmanian '97
1995-96 - Danny Nguyen '99