Welcome to the Cornell Club of Israel!



The Israel Cornell Club Community

The Israel Cornell Club was founded during the mid-2000s as an association for past and present Cornellians (including alumni, faculty, and current students) living in Israel to connect with one another. The ICC has over two hundred members of a variety of ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds, most of whom are alumni. The purpose of our association is to advance three core goals: (1) fostering a sense of community among the Cornellians living in Israel; (2) serving as a link to Cornell University for Cornellians in Israel; and (3) representing Cornell University to the broader Israeli public. We achieve these three aims in a number of ways, ranging from talks and lectures open to our members and their guests to the Israel committee of the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network, which meets with student applicants to Cornell.

Fostering a Sense of Community

First and foremost, the ICC exists to service the needs of Cornellians living in Israel and it accomplishes this through a variety of events and activities held throughout the year. We organise at least one large gathering, featuring a guest speaker (usually a Cornell alumnus/alumna), which serves as an opportunity for members to meet and reconnect. Recent alumni get together frequently through informal events (bar nights, picnics, happy hours, potluck dinners) under the ægis of the Cornell Young Alumni in Israel.

In addition to this website, the ICC maintains two Facebook groups for alumni, students, and faculty to stay in touch—one for the general membership of the ICC and one for the Cornell Young Alumni in Israel. All official announcements, communications, news, and general correspondence takes place on the ICC e-mail discussion list (israelalumni-l@cornell.edu). To join this listserv, send an e-mail to israelalumni-l-request@cornell.edu, with the subject line ‘join’ (without quotes), or by writing to owner-israelalumni-l@cornell.edu.

Serving as a Link to Cornell

The Israel Cornell Club also aims to function as a link between Cornellians in Israel and Cornell University. Primarily, we achieve this goal through our group activity, which bolsters the ties we hold to what is, for many of us, our alma mater. In addition, the ICC serves as an official channel for communication from Cornell University to our members and as an organised body representing Cornellians in Israel to the university. The ICC assists various departments and branches of Cornell University with a number of tasks, including locating members, publicising events and news, and encouraging admissions applications by local students. It also provides our members with current and accurate information about Cornell, as well as the activities of Cornellians throughout the world.

Representing Cornell in Israel

The third purpose of the ICC is to represent Cornell University to the Israeli public-at-large. This can take the form of sending delegates to college fairs or providing information about Cornell to the local media. However, the bulk of this mission is accomplished through the activity of the Israel committee of the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network. CAAAN is a group of over 9,000 alumni volunteers who assist the Cornell admissions community in recruiting superior undergraduate applicants. Each year, members of CAAAN-Israel meet with dozens of students applying for admission to Cornell, providing narrative reports about these contacts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. These meetings serve to provide a human face to both sides of the admissions process and the individual alumni function as liaisons between the applicants (and, eventually, accepted students) and the university. To join CAAAN-Israel, please click here to fill out the CAAAN membership form.