Welcome to the Alumni Class of 2005



May 2017 Updates - Brunches!

Summer is almost here and for the second year in a row, we're planning brunches across the country, sponsored by the Class of 2005! Register for brunches in the following cities:

  • New York City - Sunday June 4th at 12:00pm - Calle Ocho on the UWS
  • New Jersey - Sunday June 4th at 12:00pm - The Shannon Rose in Clifton
  • Chicago - Sunday June 4th at 11:00am - Beatrix in Streeterville
  • Boston - Saturday June 10th at 10:30am - Kirkland Tap & Trotter in Somerville

April 2017 Updates

Take a look at our second Class newsletter available here: Spring 2017 Newsletter! Sign up for our class brunches taking place this June in NYC, NJ, Boston, and other cities. More info available on our Facebook page!

April 2016 Updates

Take a look at our first Class newsletter available here: Spring 2016 Newsletter! Stay tuned for more information on our first Class Brunch in NYC, on Saturday June 4th at Calle Ocho on the Upper West Side!

January 2016 Updates

Our class officers are putting together an annual newsletter to keep engaged with fellow classmates. Stay tuned for the first issue this upcoming Spring! We are also planning various networking events in cities around the country. Please contact us if you are interested in helping organize an event in your city!

Hope you had fun at our 10th Year Reunion!

Take a look at pictures and details of the reunion here: http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/reunion. Good times were had by all. See you in 2020!

Pictures: http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/reunion/memories-2015.cfm

Videos of Reunion Events: http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/livestream/index.cfm

Stay Involved

"Like" our official Facebook page to keep with news about our class: https://www.facebook.com/Cornell2005. Please tell your friends to like the page!

Pay Class Dues

The Office of Alumni Affairs relies on dues-paying alumni to help finance events and programs for our class each year, such as networking events in designated cities. Pay your dues here: http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/participate/classes.cfm 

Class Officers

Jason Hnatko - jph27 @ cornell .edu - CALS
Reunion Chair
Meghan Cunningham - mac94 @ cornell .edu - AAP
Vice Presidents
Jennifer Shloming (Executive VP) - jrs78 @ cornell .edu - A&S 
Erica Kagan (Affinities) - etk4 @ cornell .edu - HumEc
Brian Levine (Communications) - bl76 @ cornell .edu - Eng 
Fundraising Chair
Rosalie Boothe - rosalieboothe @ gmail .com 
Andrew Vedamuthu - sav27 @ cornell .edu - Hotel
Thomas Balcerski - tjb36 @ cornell .edu - A&S
Class Correspondents
Michelle Wong - mrw29 @ cornell .edu - A&S
Hilary Johnson - haj4 @ cornell .edu - A&S
Johnny Chen - jc362 @ cornell .edu - Eng