Welcome to the Alumni Class of 2006



The 2006 Class Council works in collaboration with the Alumni Affairs and Development office and seeks to enhance the relationships between alumni and the university by representing and promoting university traditions, instilling pride, bolstering spirit, fostering community, and educating leaders.

We hope that you can join us in connecting with fellow alums.

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Dear Classmates:

We are glad that you are interested in becoming involved with our class. Here are some opportunities:

Host a Regional Event

You can work with a Cornell regional alumni office and our class council to host and coordinate an event for area classmates. The Class Council will provide resources to help coordinate and publicize the event. Ideas could be a wine and cheese party, a networking event, an event with other classes (or even alumni from other schools), etc. Let your imagination run.

Become a Class Council Member-at-Large

The class council in our alumni years works to promote class spirit and, most of all, keep us together as 06 alumni. While we do encourage alums to give back to Cornell, and to our class, our overall goal is to try to maintain the bonds that we formed as undergraduates by hosting events and serving as a clearing house for information. Of course, we also plan reunion every 5 years. As a Member at Large, you would be a member of our group and could take on projects as needed, or as fits your schedule.

Keep your classmates updated!

Did you land a new job? Moved to a new location? Did you get married? Started or finished a new degree? Did you open a new business? Let us know! Below is our latest column of updates:  2006 Class Notes - It's easy to share your story and you can do it online here.

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Tell Us What You Want to Do!

We are a dynamic group - any other ideas you have about your participation are welcomed and encouraged.. For instance, if there is a need that the current class council is not fulfilling, propose how we can change our organization.

We look forward to working with you and hearing from you soon. You can contact the class at: classof2006@cornell.edu.

Cornell University Class of 2006