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Class of '42 Memorial Scholarship - Jim Kraker

To all the remaining members of the great Class of '42, greetings:

President Liz Eddy called me recently to discuss the Class of '42 Memorial Scholarship fund. I am up to date on the class operating fund, but really knew very little about the scholarship fund.

Our scholarship fund was established in 1993. Since that time it has grown to where it amounts to an annual scholarship for some one $5,000 and $6,000. That is an insignificant amount when weighed against the cost of a Cornell education, but it all helps! In discussing this with president Liz, a couple of things became evident. First, the class scholarship was not always awarded to a student who was a descendant of one of our classmates, ie. grand and great grands. The second item that became obvious was that many of us from the class who gave to the university did not specify that the gift be allocated to the Class of '42 Memorial Scholarship fund. Also there is no indication that any of us have suggested to our progeny that they ask to be considered for a Class of '42 scholarship award. They must identify themselves. The financial office has no other way of knowing.

So here is the reason Liz asked me to be involved. We would like to make and have you consider the following suggestions.

1) Consider a gift to the university in memory of any or many of our outstanding classmates who have left us. I think of the recent demise of George Howell who with his wife Barbara have done so much in class giving for so many years. The class has made a contribution in George's memory.

2) As your grands and greatgrands seek scholarship help advise them to inquire from the university about the status of the '42 Memorial Scholarship fund, and we will urge the university to consider our descendents first when awarding our scholarship.

The present scholarship fund is about $80,000. Can those of us left double that amount by the time we are gone? Lets try!

Jim Kraker, Class Treasurer

Class of '42 Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Founded in 1993, it was 1995 before there was enough money in the fund to give a small amount toward a scholarship. As the fund grew, more could be given until it reached what Jim mentioned above.

Here are the names of students who have benefitted from the Class of '42 Memorial Scholarship:

1995-1997 Patrick Nichol '98 (grandson of Mary Brady Johnson '42)
1997 Heith Tracy Bronson '01
1999 Vincent Hayner (grandson of Ross Hayner '42)
1999-2000 Andrew Scott, grandson of W. Hawley Scott '42
2002-2003 Lynn Feely '06
2004-2007 Katy O'Regan '06
2009-2012 Alexandra Bond '12
2012-2014 Jeffrey Bennett '14
2014-2015 Elizabeth Stone '18

Cornell Class of 1942 Officers

Elizabeth Schlamm Eddy

Class Correspondent
Carolyn Evans Finneran

Cornell Fund Representative
Barbara Crohurst Howell

Vice Presidents
Christina Steinman Foltman
Lynn D. Timmerman