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Below is a photo from the deep past - courtesy of Ted Raab 
of the Class of 1957 Freshman Cross Country Team
All but two members in the photo are identified - can anyone provide the two missing names?
If you can please email the webmaster at voltsxamps@cox.net


 And below, another historic photo courtesy of Ted Raab - taken on board USS Worcester during summer 1954 Midshipmen training cruise.  Those in the photo are identified below it.  Of course all in the days of the "draft."

Community Picnic

On Sept. 18, at the community picnic celebrating President Elizabeth Garrett's inauguration, we caught up with Cornellians to ask them these two questions:

“What's the best thing about Cornell that you want to share with President Garrett?”

"What are your hopes for Cornell's next 150 years?”

Marjorie Smart '57

The best thing about Cornell: "Our unique personality. When you meet alumni, you start a bond. Cornell is magnetic."
Hopes for Cornell's next 150 years: "Tradition and loyalty."

Robert Camp '58, MBA '60

The best thing about Cornell: "Collegiality. You haven't seen alumni until you've seen Cornell alumni."
Hopes for Cornell's next 150 years: "Excellence in everything we do." 

Doris Goudsmit Albert '57

The best thing about Cornell: "Lasting friendships."
Hopes for Cornell's next 150 years: [To Robert Camp] "That's a great answer!"Cayuga Society



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1.  Class Officers

2.  Minutes of June 9, 2017  Class Officers' Meeting and Election of Officers at our 60th Reunion  

3.  Note Concerning Class Notes/Columns

4.  Scholarships & Fellowships Sponsored by the Class of '57

5.  NEW! Reflections from our time on "The Hill"
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6.  Campus Photos from our Freshman Year


Class Officers

Term of Office 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2022


Elizabeth (Betty) Starr King

First Vice President
Marjorie Nelson Smart

Regional Vice Presidents
Judith Madigan Burgess, Southwest
Paul M. Gladstone – Colorado & Florida Panhandle
Nancy Krauthamer Goldberg - Central New York State
Thomas W. Itin - Midwest
Judith Richter Levy, Esq. - New York City
Marcia Wishengrad Metzger, Esq. - Carolinas
Paul R. Noble - South Florida
Charles E. Parker III - New England
Marilyn Hester Ridgley - Northwest
Adele Petrillo Smart – Louisiana & Mississippi

Constance Santagato Hosterman

Cornell Annual Fund Representative
Roberta (Bert) Grunert DeVries

Stuart S. MacKay, Jr.

Class Correspondent
John C. Seiler

Class Historian
Christine Zeller Lippman

Robert B. Watts

Immediate Past President
Philip L. McIndoo

Nominations Chair
Philip L. McIndoo

Class Council Members
Doris Goudsmit Albert
Anthony B. Cashen
Suzanne DeRosay Henninger
Judith Richter Levy
Janet Charles Lutz
Philip L. McIndoo
Edgar H. Vant, Jr.
Robert B. Watts

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Class Officers Meetings 2017

Class of 1957 60th Reunion Minutes and Election of Officers for 2017 to 2022 Term of Office

The 60th Reunion meeting of the Class of 1957 was called to order by President Phil McIndoo on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 7:05pm. A quorum was present at our class dinner in Klarman Hall. President McIndoo presented the slate of officers for the 2017-2022 term as follows: President Betty Starr King, Executive Vice-President Marj Nelson Smart, Treasurer Stu MacKay and Secretary Connie Santagato Hosterman. The slate was seconded as presented and passed unanimously. Phil announced the retirement of our long-time Cornell Alumni News correspondent Judy Reusswig. Judy accepted a gift from the class in acknowledgement of her dedication to reporting news of our female classmates. Phil assured us that John Seiler will continue as the CAM correspondent for the entire Class of 1957.

Phil presented a gift with gratitude to Kate Freyer in recognition of her outstanding guidance. Kate has served the Class of 1957 as our Office of Alumni Affairs Engagement Officer since 2009. Phil introduced our new Engagement Officer, Lauren Coffey, who will be our liaison to Alumni Affairs through our next term.

A delegation of officers from the Class of 2007 made a special visit to thank our class once again for our donation in 2012 to seed their 5th Reunion. Their spokesperson reported success as the Class of 2007 celebrates its tenth Reunion, giving kudos to the Class of 1957 for its support and inspiration. We asked not for repayment to the Class of 1957, but for the Class of 2007 to foster the Class of 2057 in like manner.

Dori Goudsmit Albert and Paul R. Noble, Reunion Co-Chairs, thanked the committee and the clerks for their contributions to making this a memorable Reunion. Special thanks went to Marj Smart for her involvement with the Cornell Glee Club. Through her efforts, our class funded the new recording of Cornell songs. The resulting CD, "Songs of Cornell", became our 60th Reunion souvenir.

Betty Starr King made sure that Phil was given a gift from the class in recognition of his strong leadership during the last five years. The meeting was adjourned as we continued to enjoy the dinner, the camaraderie and the "men in kilts".

Respectfully Submitted, Connie Santagato Hosterman Secretary 

Cornell Class of 1957 Annual Class Officers' Meeting February 4, 2017

Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, MD

Present: Marj Nelson Smart, Dori Goudsmit Albert, Bert Grunert DeVries, Connie Santagato Hosterman, Betty Starr King, Judy Richter Levy, Christine Zeller Lippman, Jan Charles Lutz, Bill Lutz, Marcia Wishengrad Metzger, Paul Noble, Judy Reusswig, Ray Sears.

Guests: Bob Camp '58, Bob Metzger, Audrey Sears '58.

Visitors: From Alumni Affairs, our Engagement Officers Kate Freyer and Lauren Coffey.  From the Class of  2007, Co-Presidents Shane Dunn and Omar Gonzalez-Pagan and their classmate Corey Earle.

First Vice President Marj Nelson Smart called the meeting to order at 9:45 am.  A quorum was present.

The minutes of the 2016 teleconference meeting as posted on our website were accepted.

Treasurer's Report:  Stu MacKay sent the financial report.  The December 2016 closing balance was more than $43,000, an increase from the December 2015 closing balance of over $38,000.  Engagement Officer Kate Freyer asked about our Class Will.  She was assured that it is already in place.  The Class Will determines the disposition of the class treasury when no member of the Class of 1957 is among the living.  Seed money for our Reunions through our 75th Reunion must stay in place.  When the Class of 1957 Treasury is dissolved at some point after the 75th Reunion, whatever monies remain must go to the Class of 1957 Tradition Scholarship and the Class of 1957 Scholarship endowments which have already been established by the Class of 1957.  This decision was made at our 2015 meeting and reaffirmed at our 2016 meeting.

Old Business

Cornell Fund:  Co-Chairs Roberta "Bert" Grunert DeVries and Bill Lutz reported that we are well on our way toward meeting our campaign goals for our 60th Reunion. The Classes of 1953 and 1955 are tied for the record of 419 class donors with donations at any level.  Beating that number of 419 is one goal. Committee members Ronald Dunbar, Suzanne DeRosay Henninger, Richard Johnson, Theodore Raab and Adele Petrillo Smart have already been calling class members to meet the other goal of number of Tower Club members.  A donation of $5,000 a year is the Tower Club level.  The University has a new program.  If donations are made at the Tower Club level though June 30 of 2017 and at the Tower Club level for the next two succeeding years, that total sum of $15,000 would be credited to our 60th Reunion campaign.

Pre-Reunion Luncheons: One luncheon was held at the Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, MA in May and was attended by 14 classmates and guests. This event was arranged by Charlie Parker.  When Cornellians from other eras saw the sign to our dining site, they stopped in to greet us and to share their Cornell connections, a delightful bonus.  A second luncheon, arranged by Nan Krauthamer Goldberg and Marj Nelson Smart, was held at the Ithaca Country Club on Homecoming Weekend.  This event attracted over 30 classmates and guests. (Many added to their collection of '57 tumblers which were available for purchase.)

Class Scholarships Funds

Class of 1957 Cornell Tradition Fellowship:
Three students, who must each perform community service, receive $4,000 apiece.  

Class of 1957 Cornell Tradition Fellowship recipients:
Colin Gates '19 ALS majoring in Animal Science,
Mark Sobel '19 ALS majoring in Plant Science,
Brenna Vaughn '19 majoring in Biological Sciences.

Class of 1957 Scholarship:  This Class of 2017 student in the College of Arts and Sciences was awarded $9,637.  

Class of 1957 Scholarship Recipient:

Haeyong (David) Shin '17 A&S majoring in Economics and Statistical Science, who has sent us a very appreciative note for the scholarship.

Arnoldus and Hellen C. Goudsmit Scholarship: The amount of $6,773 was awarded to a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences.

This scholarship is held by Larissa Kane '18 A&S, major as yet undeclared.

Class of 1957 Endowments:

Class of 1957 Book Endowments: Current payout is $14,304.

Class of 1957 - Kinkeldey Maintenance Endowment: Current payout is $13,097.  These funds are bring banked by Cornell for use when major repairs are needed in this room.

Class of 1957 Glee Club Memorial Fund: Payout for this year is $2,120.

New Business

Dues:  The subscription rate for the Cornell Alumni Magazine has increased $3 per issue.  Last year the $3 increase was absorbed by the Class Treasury.  Acknowledging this continued  increase, a discussion was held regarding several options.  Motion was made, seconded and approved to add the $3 to the dues of classmates choosing the option of receiving the CAM. The structure now becomes: Dues including the CAM - $48, Classmate couples including the CAM - $58, Dues only- remains at $30.  Note was made that each issue of the magazine is available online.

60th Reunion Planning:  The University announced that our classmate, renowned composer Steve Reich, will give the Olin Lecture!  Reunion Co-Chairs  Dori Goudsmit Albert and Paul Noble reported that plans are well in place for June.  We will be housed in Mews, a rather new climate-controlled dorm on North Campus.  Classmates Beth Ames Swartz and Ellen Stekert will each have presentations. Some meals will be in our adjoining tent.  We will be bussed to our Friday evening dinner in Klarmann Hall, the new addition to Goldwin Smith Hall, and to our Saturday night meal in Trillium, just a few steps from Bailey Hall. More details will be enumerated in the Reunion mailings.  Paul has produced a video encouraging Reunion attendance which has already gone viral.  It will be sent to all classmates with valid email addresses. It now also can be viewed on our webpage or at YouTube Cornell Reunion 2.

Nominating Committee Report:  Chair Dori Goudsmit Albert noted that most officers, including First VP, Secretary and  Treasurer have agreed to continue in their posts.  Judy Reusswig regrets that she will be retiring from her long-time position as the women's Class Corespondent for the CAM.  Dori wants to hear nominations for Class President from classmates.  By tradition, although not etched in stone, that position next rotates to an alumna.

Archives:  Historian Christine Zeller Lippman brought her scrapbook which detailed our events during this past year.  Those present enjoyed her compilation of photos and write-ups.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Santagato Hosterman, Secretary

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Scholarships and Fellowships Sponsored by the Class of 1957

The scholarship awardees for 2015-16 are:

Class of 1957 Scholarship

Haeyong (David) Shin, Class of '17, Arts & Sciences

Class of 1957 Cornell Tradition Fellowship
Brenna Vaughn '19 dual-enrolled in CALS and AAP
Mark Sobel '19 CALS
Colin Gates '19 CALS

Arnoldus and Hellen C. Goudsmit Scholarship
Larissa Kane '18 Arts and Sciences

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Classmates' Reflections on our life on "The Hill" (aka - Our Rear View Mirror)

.....sliding home to the men's dorms on Ivy Room trays after dinner.....

.....getting to exams very early so our fingers would thaw out before we had to write......

.....after a very snowy football game with Syracuse, trudging down into town for dinner at Joe's (lobster tails, spaghetti, salad, Chianti), and then to the Far Far for what may have been the loudest movie made up to that time, The War of the Worlds).  How did we ever get back up to campus?

......did "chill thrills" really happen, a string of minus ten degree days leading to naked freshman running around outside the men's dorms....

Paul Noble

….. snow on the Arts quad impossibly deep until the wind came along and blew it all sideways.

……Low grey clouds and the magic of sunshine that lasted an entire thirteen seconds before the next flurry arrived.

……skating (not always intentionally) on a partially cleared sidewalk.

Phil McIndoo

Al Collard, Jupiter, FL

60 years ago, we lived in Douglaston, Queens, NY and my folks took me a 17 year old, to Penn Station on Sept. Evening in 1953 to board the Lehigh Valley overnight train with my large steamer trunk.  I later remember being awakened by the porter around 7 in the morning as we were arriving in Ithaca.  I got off the train and went to the baggage car and retrieved my large trunk.  I rode up the hill with other class mates and my trunk, being the biggest, was strapped to the back of the taxi.  I got dropped off at Founders Hall in the lower campus and with the help of other class mates, located my room #114 and somehow got the trunk moved to my room.  It was a bright and warm sunny morning in Ithaca and the campus looked beautiful.  I had never previously been to the campus.  With all the new things to take in, and the new and friendly students that I met, it was one of the longest and most unforgettable days of my life.    Al Collard, Jupiter, Florida.

Regarding the opening day in 1953, I remember upper classmen yelling  “Freshmen, wear your beanies,” the red hats that they gave us when we registered.  I later realized that this was used to Identify who we were so that they could sell us other services and get us to sign up for other programs.  I soon took the hat off and tossed it.  I also remember how the cigarette companies were handing out free 4 pack  cigarettes to hook the freshmen onto a life of smoking.  Today, all of my smoking friends are either dead of near death from lung. problems.  I puffed on the menthol cigs but never inhaled them.  I am now 77, and physically in great shape, with no heart or lung problems.  Of 6 of my sailing buddies who used to sail with me on my Cal 39 sailboat on Long Island Sound and New England, 4 of them are gone since 5 years ago.  Smoking took its toll.   Al  Collard   57

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Historic Photos from our Freshman Year - 1953/54


MEMORIAL TOWERS - "New Dorms" Under Construction

The "New Dorms" Under Construction - Became "University Halls" - Now replaced by the "West Campus" Dorms

NROTC Summer Cruise - Don Wudtke at Loch Lomond - 1954


The Elms on the Quad

McGraw On The Libe Slope - 1953


Spring Weekend Floats


Class Banner Logo by Roy Glah '57
Class of '57 Web Site by Bob Watts '57 


Campus Photos, Taken in 1953 & 1954, by Bob Watts - All Rights Reserved For suggestions/additions/questions/corrections contact him at:
E-mail: voltsxamps@cox.net
Fax: (401) 683-6972
Phone: (401) 683-6971

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