Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1958



Class Blog

Our class blog continues to grow in usage, thanks to the continued hard work on Irene Soskin, our official Blog Administrator and Class Councilperson for Florida and the south.   The blog features discussions on a wide variety of subjects sent in by classmates.  Go to https://58at55th.wordpress.com/  and bookmark the site.  If you are a first time visitor, go to "Guest" and enter your info.

Class News

It has been mentioned many times that email communication is becoming very important,.  If you change your email address and/or mail address, don't forget to notify Audrey Sears - aes123@comcast.net, our Class Secretary/Treasurer along with everyone else in your address book.  The class is working very hard to maintain a "good" address list.  Much of our class communications will be done through email.  Classmates were sent a Class of 1958 55th Reunion Directory. Gladys Stifel, our long-time former Class Secretary spent considerable time in assembling the directory.  If you see any errors/omissions or can supply information on missing classmates, send it to Audrey Sears at the above address.

Class Membership

Active membership in the class of 1958 is continued by paying your class dues on an annual basis.  By doing this you receive an annual subscription to theCornell Alumni Magazine as well as access to discounted services and products in the Big Red Marketplace and invitations to exclusive webinars with Cornell faculty and alumni. Your dues will used to support class activities and continue funding of our class endowments.  We have all been urged to stay connected and the class dues help that to happen.

Thanks in advance for supporting our Class!

Class dues can be paid online here.


Communications are becoming more and more important.  Costs of class- wide, first class mailings continue to rise.  Also it is much faster to use email.  Therefore it is important that the class have an email address for every member who has email capabilities.  Many of you are reluctant to provide an address because you feel besieged by Cornell mail.  One solution would be to have a separate address for Class/Cornell mail.  That way you can delete at will without Cornell mail clogging your main address. Another solution would be a permanent Cornell.edu email address.