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Class Council Votes to donate $1000 in memory of President Elizabeth Garrett

Over early April, the Class Council polled its members, and all agreed unanimously to donate $1000 from our Class Treasury in her honor.  The donation will be split with $500 for the Student Scholarship Fund and $500 for colon cancer research at Weill Cornell.

President Elizabeth Garrett died March 6 from colon cancer. She was 52.

“Our president, colleague and friend, Elizabeth Garrett, passed away late last evening after a brave battle with colon cancer,” Robert S. Harrison ’76, chairman of the Cornell University Board of Trustees, said in a message sent to the university community March 7. “There are few words to express the enormity of this loss.

Never happened:  The Annual CALC meeting; this year in Philadelphia

Well, wouldn't you know.  After a mostly snowless winter on the east coast this year; we were heading to Philadelphia for the Annual CALC meetng....this is the meeting where class officers and club officers from all over the country gather in a central northeast location to muse on the past year, plan for the future. and complain about the snow. We were planning to be reviewing reunion expenses and statistics, talking about how it went, and perhaps, beginning to think about Reunion 2020.  Just gently thinking about it....we're still four years away.  But it will be here very quickly. 

We'd been in Boston for the three preceding years, so now we're back to Philly.  In one way, it doesn't matter.  It's always snowy.  The question is:  when and where the snow?  Friday?  That's when most of us will be travelling. Saturday? Hopefully, we'll be there by then.

Well!  That was the day of the BIG SNOWSTORM.  And Philadelphia was declared that it either was, or would be, in a state of emergency!  So at 5 p.m the Thursday before everyone was to be heading to Philly on Friday, CALC was cancelled.  But Sue and Bill had already arrived; all the way from California....luckily, they have a son nearby and so got to spend some time with their family.  The rest of us stayed home and dug out.  So that's the big news.

We did catch up a bit with a class conference call on Saturday afternoon, and that worked out well.  More news to follow.....

For those of you who don't know who we are, download a PDF file of our class officers. 


Read all about our fifty-fifth reunion: June 4-7, 2015.

We hope you were with us on that wonderful weekend!

The weather was perfect, the campus was glorious and the mood was festive....even though it was the last reunion for President David Skorton, who is now at the Smithsonian Institution. And we welcomed the new President, Elizabeth Garrett who took office July 1.

Sue Day, Class President


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