Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1968


1968 - THE 50th Reunion Class!

We are the 100th Matriculating Class of Cornell University

Did you know the Class of 1968 had 2726 total matriculates when we started at Cornell back in September 1964?  As of today, 2523 of our classmates are enjoying life in a variety of ways.  However, only 1745 have registered mailing addresses with Cornell, and only 1180 have registered email addresses. Are you on the list?

As we approach the time in life when we have increased free time or are retired, we have more time to reconnect with our Classmates and Cornell.  If you have not updated your contact information recently, please click on this link to enter your active email and mailing addresses: https://cornellconnect.cornell.edu/.  If you haven't yet registered your information, use this link to get started: https://it.cornell.edu/netids/i-am-cornell-alumnus-can-i-get-netid.  Your class officers will use this contact information to connect you with our class and ensure you are notified of class events and activities.

Your class officers are currently working on a variety of class functions - including our 50 Reunion! - and are eager to share with and hear from you.