Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1971


Cornell friends ...

Back then, they were our classmates, confidantes, roommates, witnesses to important moments. Now, they are the stuff of our fondest memories. They'll always be part of us.

Reunion 2016:  The Great Class of 1971, 45th Reunion

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Nostalgia project:

We started a time line to highlight some of the  more momentus events of our undergraduate years. This will be a project that culminates with our Reunion in June. Visit this section now so you can help us build this collection of facts and pictures. We need your help developing an historic time line for our undergraduate years.

Old favorites remain:

You can quickly access the online Cornell Alumni Directory to reconnect with your friends using the "Find Alumni" tab above. You can share with the current university your success by investigating the many giving opportunities or by supporting Cornell's major capital initiatives. Of course we want your help supporting the Class of '71 by paying your dues. Check out the close up "Hi Mom!" setting for the CU Live web cam overlooking Ho Plaza and Willard Straight Hall.

Class Officers


Barbara Brem Noveau

Vice Presidents for Strategic and Succession Planning
David A. Beale
Laurie Berke-Weiss
Martha Coultrap
Richard I. Furbush, Jr.

Linda Germaine-Miller

Arthur Mintz

Class Correspondents
Jim Roberts
Gayle Ann Yeomans


Co-Reunion Chairs
Gilda Klein Linden
Jan S. Rothman

Reunion Registration Chair
Donna Vlasak

Digital Communities Manager
Craig Ewing

Nominations Co-chairs
Laurie Berke-Weiss
Jan S. Rothman


Immediate Past President
Jan S. Rothman

Class Council/Class Liaison Co-Chairs
Elisabeth K. Boas
Dale Cohen
Katherine Flaxman
Naomi Katz Mintz

Class Council Members
Sandie Feinman Antar
Philip H. Bartels
Doris-Elaine (Deb) Butler
Marilyn Blumberg Cane
Linda Cushman
Jerrold K. Day
Craig Ewing
Hollice P. Flynn
Cara Nash Iason
Mark Kantrowitz
Robert Meckenberger
Mitchell Weisberg

There are lots of ways you can get involved

... with our class:

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  • Send us your news for the "Class Notes" section of the Cornell Alumni Magazine.
  • Support your class treasury by paying your class membership dues and subscribing to the Cornell Alumni Magazine. Help put our membership drive over the top! Pay your dues at our secure link: http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/participate/classes.cfm

... with Cornell:

  • Stay connected to your classmates, current and potential students, and with other Cornellians in your area.


Have you met your CU Quotient?  Have you ...

  • Come back to campus
  • Joined CornellConnect
  • Given to Cornell
  • Attended an event
  • Gotten Cornell News or Social Media
  • Networked for your career, or hired a Cornellian
  • Helped in your community
  • Reminisced
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  • Bragged about Cornell
  • Talked to students in your area about attending Cornell

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