Welcome to the Alumni Class of 1985



If you'd like to get more involved with the class, please drop a note to Class President, Mark Sheraden. We are always looking for involvement from more classmates! Stay connected by joining the Cornell University Class of 1985 Facebook Group and our 1985 FaceBook page.

Interested in becoming a class officer? Click here to find out more about officer positions and their responsibilities.

Class of 1985 Officers


Mark Sheradenms173@cornell.edu

Vice President

John Roscoe john.s.roscoe@gmail.com


Ron Prague ronald.prague@intel.com

Class Secretary

Margaret Nagel Gnegy mjn15@cornell.edu

Reunion Chairs

Jen Sidell Ellis jms81@cornell.edu

Sharon Tolpin Topper stolpin8@aol.com

Cornell Fund Representatives

Michael Liess mtliess@aol.com


Class Council

Allen Wong acw25@cornell.edu

Jenifer Steig jas109@cornell.edu

Debbi Neyman Silverman dnsilverman@charter.net

Class Correspondents

Joyce Zelkowitz Cornett jcornett@actslife.org 

Leslie Nydick lrn5@cornell.edu


Marla Berman Dalton meb34@cornell.edu