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Your Class Membership 

Since the day our class arrived on campus, we have been trendsetters in all areas of supporting Cornell. Your class council thanks you for your generous contributions of time and money and hopes that you will continue to participate as much as possiuble.

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The Great Class of 1997 and The Cornell Annual Fund

Our class is well known for doing all that we could to embrace Cornell’s traditions and build a strong class network. We prided ourselves on being trendsetters and leaders.

Our leadership can be seen in the accomplishments we achieved while at Cornell, as well as what each of us has done since graduation. Our leadership in the area of alumni support is just one example of us coming together as a class in support of Cornell.

Class of 1997 Scholarship

When we graduated 20 years ago, with the support of the Board of Trustees, we were able to endow the Class of 1997 Scholarship. This has helped make dozens of students’ education and dreams possible.

Reached 47% participation in the campaign (setting a new record at the time)

20th Reunion Campaign

Our 20th reunion is an excellent occasion for you to renew your support for Cornell.

Please consider making a gift to Cornell today. Your support will help carry on the great tradition Cornell has as an educational institution where anyone may study any subject regardless of their financial need. You can make an unrestricted gift to Cornell University or direct it to your college, our class scholarship, or any other area that you care about.

Just imagine the possibilities!

If you'd like to support our Campaign, click here or call 1-800-279-3099.

Additional Reasons to Give: http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/fund/why_give.cfm
Cornell Annual Fund FAQ: http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/fund/faq.cfm

Class of 1997 Cornell Fund Representatives:
Bob Berstein (rlb6@cornell.edu) and Liz Everett (ee15@cornell.edu)

Allocation of Dues

Your class dues go a long way...

Help with Class of '97 mailings and publicity

Help with Reunion planning and events

Lowers the cost of Reunion registration fees by subsidizing costs

Supports this web site

Sponsor regional events and Class of '97 networking efforts

Gets us more space in the Cornell Magazine. The space allowed for class columns depends on how many people pay their dues

Helps us to stay in touch with you, so that you can find out what's happening with your classmates and Cornell

Become a duespayer today by clicking here, and thank you to all of our classmates who have already made their pledge for this year!