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A letter from our Class President:

Dear Classmate,

We are fortunate to have just wrapped a very successful reunion where there were lots of laughs and memories where shared. If you couldn’t make it, we hope you to see you for the Big 20 in a few years. I want to thank Rebecca Mulvaney Harris, Shenya Quell Horowitz and David Sandoval for ensuring the weekend was seamless. I also want to take this time to thank Risa Shapiro and everyone who served on the class council over the past five years. We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication for our class.

Now that our 15th reunion has come to a close, we are also kicking off a new group of leaders to run our class council. If you are interested in joining, please email me because we are searching for more volunteers. My email address is rcl6@cornell.edu.

Each year our class treasury provides support for class communications, programs and Reunions. I invite you to join me in becoming a dues payer to support the vitality of our class and of the university.

Class Membership benefits include:

  • Cornell Alumni Magazine full-year subscription.
  • Membership grants you exclusive access to the Cornell Big Red Marketplace, an online portal offering exclusive discounts to clothing, jewelry, travel, gifts, insurance and vehicle purchases.

 Please visit http://www.alumni.cornell.edu/participate/classes.cfm to learn more about these benefits and Cornell alumni activities. You will need your NetID or 7 digit Cornell ID when submitting your dues payment online. Thank you in advance for supporting the class!

With best wishes,

Rachelle Considine
Class of 1999 President


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Class Notes

As always, it's great to hear what you're up to. Send your news to one of our class correspondents: Melanie West (Melanie@melaniegrayce.com) or Heather Madland (hmadland@gmail.com).


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