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About the Cornell Club of New Hampshire


Welcome to our Web site. Our Club benefits every time we receive suggestions and comments. So when you think of something you want to share with us, please let us know.

The CornellConnect Web site suggests that interested alumni do the following:  

  • Activate your Cornell NetID and password. For information, see www.alumni.cornell.edu/netid/request.cfm.
  • Consider whether you prefer to share your personal information with other alumni on CornellConnect, or whether you want your data hidden from viewing by others. Before CornellConnect launches you will receive a mailing from Cornell's Office of Alumni Affairs, introducing CornellConnect and asking if you wish to "opt out" of sharing. If you don't "opt out," when CornellConnect launches, your information will be viewable by others. (You can change your preference later, if you change your mind.)
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The Cornell Club of New Hampshire provided thirty-two Fisher Cats tickets and box lunches to the Inti Soccer Academy in Manchester for the afternoon game on August 9. The Cornell Club of New Hampshire was recognized on the video display at the game, at the Inti kickoff picnic on August 23, and in a thank you note. For an overview of Inti, click here. Fred Harwood, the Programming Coordinator for the Cornell Club of New Hampshire, helps recruit and supervise Inti’s academic mentors and also helps them organize events. If you would also like to help, please contact Fred at fharwood@comcast.net or 603-641-3906.

Did you know that the Cornell Club of New Hampshire, Inc. supports the Shoals Marine Laboratory? Click here to learn more about the Laboratory.

The Cornell Club of Boston (CCoB) also has a number of events and activities for you to consider. Click here to visit the Cornell Club of Boston Web site.

A Letter From The President

Greetings fellow Alumni,

On behalf of the Cornell Club of NH Board, I am happy to say that things are back on track with CCNH. We had our first Board meeting on April 18, 2010 and it was extremely productive. Calicia Mullings, our Regional Director from CU was present and spoke in detail regarding the changes that Alumni Affairs has made, and the changes that are forthcoming regarding the structure of the clubs and club events. It was very helpful to have her there to answer all of our questions. There are many changes transpiring, and as with any changes these will take some getting used to, but in the end they will be for the best. We covered a variety of topics, accomplished a lot and wrapped up many loose ends. There is one open Board position, Regional Planning Director for the Monadnock Region. If you live in the Monadnock Region and have an interest, please contact me.

Annual dues are very reasonable – either $18 or $10 depending on your graduation year. Renewals are due July 1.

There are a lot of good things happening and I am confident that the Club is headed in a positive direction. We have a great Board of Directors that is very committed and who have a strong team spirit. Feel free to contact me at any time for info or with questions. My contact info is by e-mail: jilljarvis@usa.net or by phone (603) 436-9655.


Jill Jarvis
CCNH President

Board of Directors

Jill Jarvis ‘85
Katherine Wrobel ‘98
Katherine Woolhouse '99
Lena Mei ‘78
Kelly Bliss ‘89
Bill Marella ’89
Fred Harwood ‘59
Sandy Torget ‘ 94
Fred Harwood ’59


Board Composition and Responsibilities

In addition to the duties outlined below, all positions:

  1. May chair committees.
  2. Support the Membership VP in increasing membership in reasonable ways when requested.
  3. Support the Programming Committees and Programming Coordinator in a reasonable manner when requested, such as, but not limited to, making phone calls for upcoming events or planning an event.
  4. Support the Recording Secretary by getting reports in on a timely basis and in other reasonably requested ways.
  5. Support the other Board members in their Club endeavors when reasonably requested.
  6. Unless otherwise noted, attends all board meetings (approx. 4 per year). If unable to attend, submits report, if applicable.
  7. Must be members in good standing (dues up-to-date).

President (three-year term)

  • Preferably has knowledge of Club operation from past experience.
  • Responsible for overall programs, developing a Club sense of purpose, new initiatives, and represents the Club in the community.
  • Establishes dates and times for board meetings; prepares agenda in consultation with other board members.
  • Communicates regularly with Regional Office and Alumni Office staff contacts.
  • Appoints committee chairs and keeps current on committee activities.
  • Delegates responsibility and holds officers accountable.
  • Facilitates communication among all board members.
  • Responsible for submitting the Annual Announcement, complete with schedule of events, president's message, and dues solicitation to the Alumni Office by July 1.
  • Responsible for the return of all special forms sent from the Alumni Office (Annual Report, Faculty Speaker Program Request Form, list of new officers, Zinck's, etc.) by July 1.
  • Actively grooms his/her successor during second year of two-year term.
  • Writes letters of appreciation to University speakers.
  • Encourages a good representation of board members to attend Cornell Alumni Federation Regional Workshops and/or special training workshops.
  • Plans year-end thank you event for Club board members.
  • Writes thank you letters to board members.
  • Current Bylaws: The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors and shall constitute the chief executive officer of the Corporation. The President shall appoint committees when authorized to do so by the Board, shall call special meetings of the Board whenever deemed necessary or whenever requested in writing to do so by one-third of the Board or of the membership and perform all such other duties as are imposed by these Bylaws. 

Technology Chair – Second VP (two-year term)

  • Attendance to Board Meetings recommended but not required.
  • Maintains website with most up-to-date information, creating new pages when necessary.
  • Sets up and maintains Paypal account or any other online payment service.

Membership Chair – First VP (two-year term)

  • Compiles from dues forms the names of volunteers who wish to participate in various activities (shares with database administrator).
  • Sends list of dues payers within the fiscal year (from June 30-July 1) to Alumni Office by July 1 (via President).
  • Work with Program Vice President and other officers to increase the value of the Club to paid members.
  • Responsible for planning an annual Member Appreciation event, should the Board agree that one should be held.
  • Sends renewal reminders to former members, including reminding not to renew if they have a multiple year membership (works with Corresponding Secretary).
  • Sends welcome to NH letters to those new to the state (works with Corresponding Secretary).
  • Maintains membership records (in conjunction with the database administrator).
  • Responsible for building membership.

Recording Secretary (two-year term)

  • Takes minutes at board meetings and distributes them immediately following meeting.
  • Provides Alumni House and Regional Office with copies of all meeting minutes and mailings.
  • Serves as bridge between old and new administrations.
  • Keeps information for future chairs.
  • Sends list of board members with addresses and telephone numbers to all members of the Club board, Regional Office, and Alumni Office by July 1 (via President).
  • Responsible for Club Database maintenance, including (but not limited to) recording members, updating and names/addresses.
  • Current Bylaws: The Secretary of the Corporation shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of the meetings of the Corporation, for notification of members of the Board of their election and for the preparation and mailing of all notices required by these Bylaws.

Corresponding Secretary (two-year term)

  • Keeps copies of Club mailings, evaluations of programs and information for future chairs.
  • Responsible for the writing & mailing of Correspondence, such as monthly email news announcements, welcome letters to new NH residents, program announcements, etc.
  • Works with appropriate Board members to capture their news and to support them in their letters (e.g. works with Membership Chair for membership renewal reminder letters).

Treasurer (two-year term)

  • Maintains accurate financial records.
  • Receives and records dues and dues payers.
  • Transmits membership information to Membership Chair (or vice versa).
  • Monitors fiscal health of the Club.
  • Pays all Club bills in timely manner.
  • Works with event chairpersons to establish budgets.
  • Presents to Club Board a written treasurer's report at least three times per year.
  • Files reports required by the state of NH.
  • Current Bylaws: The Treasurer shall, subject to the Board and under its supervision, have the care and custody of the funds, books and valuable papers of the Corporation, shall have the power to endorse for deposit or collection, all notes, drafts, checks and other obligations for the payment of money payable to the Corporation or its order and to sign notes, drafts and checks drawn upon any bank account of the Corporation. The Treasurer shall keep accurate books of account which shall be the property of the Corporation; collect all monies from time to time due and owing the Corporation and keep and disburse the same pursuant to the contracts and obligations of the Corporation; have the power to accept for and in the name of and on behalf of the Corporation promissory notes, drafts and checks in the ordinary course of business; and shall execute and deliver on behalf of the Corporation all such instruments as may be ordered by the Board.

Regional Programming Director(s) (two-year term)

  • Board meeting attendance recommended but not required.
  • Heads Regional Programming Committees, responsible for all programming aspects of at least 2 regional events, such as Zinck’s night and a regional picnic. 
  • Responsible for recruiting members to the regional programming committees (with the support of other Board members) as well as for setting up the committee meetings.
  • Coordinates with the Programming Coordinator.
  • Provides information to the appropriate channels in a timely manner to advertise such events.

Agenda Items for Board Consideration

  • Expand your board and delegate responsibility.
  • Plan programs one year in advance. One vice president should be appointed this year to work on next year's programming.
  • Invite 4 - 6 Cornellians each year to become Club patrons. List their names in programs. (Patronage allows the Club to subsidize the costs of events, making membership and participation affordable for all Cornell alumni.)
  • Raise money to subsidize Club representative at Regional Workshop or Leadership Conference each year.


The Club should have officers and a Board of Directors with specific duties and terms. The board is vested with the powers of general guidance. It should be comprised of officers, directors, committee chairs, and other Cornell affiliates from Cornell Associations.

The board of directors represents a broad mix of people. It meets regularly with a well-planned, and strictly followed agenda that is complete within a designated amount of time. Avoid socializing during the meetings, but offer the opportunity for socializing after business is completed.