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General Dues

$5-$10 depending on your year of graduation
Contact: Cynthia Odegaard

Board Composition and Responsibilities

The Club/Alumni Association should have officers and a Board of Directors with specific duties and terms. The board is vested with the powers of general guidance. It should be comprised of officers, directors, committee chairs, the Cornell Fund Chair, Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN) Chair, representatives of the Cornell Black Alumni Association, the Cornell Asian Alumni Association, the College Alumni Associations and the Cornell Tradition.

The board of directors represents a broad mix of people. It meets regularly with a well-planned, and strictly followed agenda that is complete within a designated amount of time. Avoid socializing during the meetings, but offer the opportunity for socializing after business is completed.

President (two-year term)

  • Preferably has knowledge of Club/Alumni Association operation from past experience responsible for overall programs, developing a Club/Alumni Association sense of purpose, new initiatives, and represents the Club/Alumni Association in the community. 
  • Establishes dates and times for board meetings; prepares agenda in consultation with other board members.
  • Communicates regularly with Regional Office and Alumni Office staff contacts.
  • Appoints committee chairs and keeps current on committee activities delegates responsibility and holds officers accountable. 
  • Facilitates communication among all board members.
  • Responsible for submitting the Annual Announcement, complete with schedule of events, president's message, and dues solicitation to the Alumni Office by July 1.
  • Responsible for the return of all special forms sent from the Alumni Office (Annual Report, Faculty Speaker Program Request Form, list of new officers, Zinck's, etc.) by July 1.
  • Actively grooms his/her successor during second year of two-year term.
  • Writes letters of appreciation to University speakers.
  • Encourages a good representation of board members to attend Cornell Alumni Federation Regional Workshops and/or special training workshops.
  • Plans year-end thank you event for Club/Alumni Association board members.
  • Writes thank you letters to board members.
  • May serve as chair of membership committee

Vice Presidents (two-year term)

(Responsibilities may be met by one, two, three or more people and include Membership Vice President, to promote membership; and Program Vice President, to coordinate all of the educational and social programs.) 

  • Assumes duties of president in his/her absence.
  • Attends all board meetings.
  • Assumes responsibility for planning activities and locations associated with board meetings; makes reservations.
  • Sends announcements and receives replies.
  • Assumes jurisdiction over specific committees and often chairs committees.
  • May assume responsibility for producing Club/Alumni Association directory

Secretary (two-year term or longer)

  • Recording/Corresponding secretary (Responsibilities may be met by one or two people) attends all board meetings.
  • Takes minutes at board meetings and distributes them immediately following meeting.
  • Provides Alumni House and Regional Office with copies of all meeting minutes and mailings.
  • Serves as bridge between old and new administrations.
  • Keeps copies of Club/Alumni Association mailings, evaluations of programs and information for future chairs.
  • Sends list of board members with addresses and telephone numbers to all members of the Club/Alumni Association Board, Regional Office, and Alumni Office by July 1.
  • Compiles from dues forms the names of volunteers who wish to participate in various activities (may be duty of treasurer or membership chair).
  • Sends list of dues payers within the fiscal year (from June 30-July 1) to Alumni Office (may be duty of treasurer or membership chair) by July 1. 

Treasurer (two-year term or longer)

  • Attends all board meetings.
  • Maintains accurate financial records.
  • Receives and records dues and dues payers.
  • Transmits membership information to membership committee and/or secretary.
  • Assures fiscal health of the Club/Alumni Association at all times
    Pays all Club/Alumni Association bills in timely manner.
  • Works with event chairpersons to establish budgets.
  • Is familiar with the Club's/Alumni Association's G-65 charge account at the University and its interest bearing account.
  • Presents to Club/Alumni Association board written treasurer's report three or four times a year.

Agenda Items for Board Consideration 

  • Expand your board and delegate responsibility.
  • Plan programs one year in advance. One vice president should be appointed this year to work on next year's programming.
  • Invite 4 - 6 Cornellians each year to become Club/Alumni Association patrons. List their names in programs. (Patronage allows the Club/Alumni Association to subsidize the costs of events, making membership and participation affordable for all Cornell alumni.)
  • Raise money to subsidize Club/Alumni Association representative at Regional Workshop or Leadership Conference each year.

The Cornell Club Alumni House Partnership

Office of Regional Alumni Programs

Services available to eligible Cornell Clubs and Alumni Associations

  • Print and bulk-mail the Annual Announcement (President's letter, Officers List, Schedule of Events, Membership Form). Sent to all Cornell graduates in area each fall.
  • Arrange for, publicize, and co-sponsor an annual faculty speaker visit to each eligible Cornell club and alumni association. Prepare written confirmation of faculty speaker arrangements to alumni leaders and faculty. Print and bulk-mail invitation to a targeted group of active Cornell graduates in area.
  • Print and bulk mail a targeted spring membership solicitation mailer for clubs/alumni associations not receiving a faculty speaker visit.
  • Provide advice and guidance on program planning issues, membership development, scholarship fund raising, and support of community service projects.
  • Distribute regular training materials to leaders, including electronic newsletter and the Guide to Cornell Clubs and Alumni Associations.
  • Provide Web server space and templates for Cornell club Web sites.
  • Generate information for area Cornell graduates.
  • Generate information for current Cornell students from area.
  • Supply Cornell name tags.
  • Serve as liaison between Clubs/Alumni Associations and other Cornell departments/offices.
  • Prepare an annual demographic reports on area Cornell graduates - ability currently under construction.
  • Arrange and provide materials for annual book awards programs.
  • Provide periodic updates of "new-to-the-area" Cornell graduates - ability currently under construction.
  • Design recognition certificates.
  • Offer special regional training workshops and leadership conferences, in conjunction with the Cornell Alumni Federation.
  • Assist with preparation of invitations and briefings for local all-alumni events with President Lehman.

Cornell Club and Alumni Association Responsibilities

To be recognized as a Cornell Club/Alumni Association in good standing and be eligible for services, a Club/Alumni Association must:

  • Plan a minimum of two all-alumni events each year (July 1-June 30)
  • Prepare a minimum of two mailings to area alumni each year (July 1-June 30)
  • Submit an Annual Report by July 15
  • Have an Active Board and provide list to Alumni House by July 15
  • Submit a list of club/association members for the previous year (July 1 - June 30) by July 15
  • Provide Annual Announcement materials 9-10 weeks before the date of the first event & no later than September 1
  • Maintain or be working towards a dues paying membership of 30 members or 10% of the alumni base - whichever number is greater
  • Be an active member of the Cornell Alumni Federation by paying Cornell Alumni Federation dues of $1 per club/association member by July 15
  • Establish and follow a constitution and bylaws; a recent copy must be on file in Alumni House


For more information contact

Sonja Watkins Kelly
Alumni Officer, Regional Alumni Programs
Alumni House
626 Thurston Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850-2490
(607) 255-1271
(607) 255-7533 (fax)

Register for the online directory today: https://directory.alumni.cornell.edu