Welcome to the Cornell's LGBT Alumni Association!


About the Cornell's LGBT Alumni Association

First organized in 1979 and then incorporated in 1980, Cornell University Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association (CUGALA) is one of the oldest and largest LGBT university alumni organizations in the country. Over the past three decades, CUGALA has grown from a handful of individuals to a network of over 3,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender alumni and straight allies—each with a unique story, but collectively committed to making Cornell a more supportive and inclusive place for members of the LGBT community.

CUGALA's mission is to foster community among, and build stronger connections between, Cornell's LGBT alumni and students, staff, faculty, parents, and straight allies. We achieve this mission in a variety of ways, such as sponsoring social and networking events on campus and across the United States, participating in community service and student mentorship programs, organizing regional chapters, and supporting LGBT initiatives and institutions at Cornell both financially and through leadership. CUGALA also serves as the voice of LGBT alumni to the Cornell Alumni Association and Cornell Mosaic, and regularly cosponsors events with other Cornell alumni groups and the LGBT alumni organizations of other colleges and universities.

This website serves as a resource to our members and others interested in learning more about CUGALA and the Cornell LGBT community. Check back from time to time for announcements of upcoming CUGALA programs and events, how you can get more involved with CUGALA and connect with your friends and classmates, and ways to support the Cornell LGBT community. As we continue to grow and reimagine CUGALA for the next thirty years, your support and participation will be crucial. We appreciate your interest, and hope you choose to get (and stay) involved!


Meet the Board


Erica Kagan '05, Human Ecology 
Brooklyn, NY

Vice President

Matthew Danzer '12, Industrial and Labor Relations
New York, NY


Marvine Pierre '11, Architecture, Art, and Planning
New York, NY


Hutch Hutchinson '10, Agriculture and Life Sciences
New York, NY

Ankur Bajaj '13, Arts and Sciences 
New York, NY

Christopher Beagan '06, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Medford, MA

Andrew Beckwith '06, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Washington, DC

Kevin Chung '11, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Palo Alto, CA

Kim Gillece '04, Arts and Sciences
New Milford, CT

Donell "Andre" Hicks '97, Arts and Sciences
Miami, FL


Ted Holmquist '04, Industrial and Labor Relations
Washington, DC 

Elyse Kantrowitz '00, MS '01, Human Ecology
New York, NY

Molly McGovern '05, Arts and Sciences
San Diego, CA

Josie Simonis PhD '13, Agriculture and Life Sciences
Portland, OR

Olivia Tai '08, Arts and Sciences
Los Angeles, CA

Committees and Co-chairs

We welcome new volunteers to our committees! Contact a co-chair or the executive board committee liaison if you’d like to get involved.

  • Executive Officers: manages overall operations of CUGALA. President: Erica Kagan ’05; Vice President: Matthew Danzer '12; Secretary: Hutch Hutchinson '10; Treasurer: Marvine Pierre '11 
  • Campus Engagement: works closely with our campus partners to develop alumni engagement opportunities. TBD (Executive board liaison: Erica Kagan)
  • Development: manages fundraising efforts to encourage support for Cornell and LGBT partner organizations. Matthew Danzer '12 (Executive board liaison: Marvine Pierre)
  • Governance/Strategy and Implementation: manages CUGALA board organizational structure procedures such as nominations, on-boarding and training. Ted Holmquist '04 (Executive board liaison: Erica Kagan)
  • Nominations: oversees the elections process for the CUGALA Board of Trustees on an ad-hoc basis. Erica Kagan

Charter and Bylaws

Certificate of Incorporation [PDF]

Certificate of Amendment (Ratified in April 2013) [PDF]

Bylaws (last amended March 27, 2014) [PDF]

Regional Chapter Leaders

Our  regional chapter leaders coordinate events to bring alumni, students, and friends together for social, educational, cultural, and networking events throughout the year. If you would like to help plan an event, please contact the regional leader for your area.